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Success Stories

Actual tales of success that came from using heysuccess.com!

"Working with HeySuccess opened me up to an amazing opportunity. I got a full time job offer at a multinational corporation! You guys rock, thank you!"
Slavjan (28)
Michael Page International
"Thanks to you, HeySuccess.com I visited Japan and participated at the "International Development Youth Forum"! THANK YOU Heysuccess Team! You are AWESOME!"
Johana (21)
Industrial University of Santander
"I got accepted to the TIGP- International Internship Program in Taiwan at the the most prestigious research institution and national academy in Taiwan! I saw that opportunity posted at Heysuccess.com! Thank you very much!"
George (21)
Academia Sinica Taiwan
"Thank you HeySuccess! If you didn't inform me, I wouldn't have had this opportunity to travel to Japan to the IDYF 2014 Conference. You are amazing, HeySuccess!"
Sergio (22)
University of Costa Rica
"I am Mexican and my life has changed once I was awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government to study in the Land of Rising Sun."
Francisco (27)
Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Dear Heysuccess.com, I was not only able to participate in Global Startup Youth in Malaysia because of you, but also started working towards my first product for female empowerment: FemStoria. You are truly awesome!"
Chandni (23)
Global Startup Youth
"I'm so glad I attended HeySuccess sessions at Seliger 2013! I will participate in Rome at MUN free of cost! Thank you!"
Shweta (21)
Christ University
"Although I study at one of “Ivy League” Universities, I realized that this is not enough for my future. I have already done two internships and travelled to three international student events."
John (20)
"During my studies I wanted to build my CV as much as possible! I took part in all student events and internships I could and... I made it! I am working in London now!"
Ante (27)
PricewaterhouseCoopers UK
"I made quick progress. After I found out about HeySuccess just a couple of months ago, I managed to travel to a few countries in three continents. Now I use those experiences to run and develop my own company."
Aris (22)
GloVo - Global Volunteers Platform
"I made the best use of HeySuccess. While I am from a poor country which experienced a terrible war, I managed to visit many very interesting places in the world, rising above the average!"
Dalila (24)
University of Sarajevo
"My friends consider me a “rich student” because I earn money in various student competitions (business, photo). More importantly, those student competitions boost my skills and self-confidence."
Jee Sun (21)
Seoul National University of Science and Technology
"Whoaaa, I received a job offer right after I completed my HeySuccess Internship! Thank you HeySuccess! The HeySuccess Internship was the best thing I did last year!"
Ana (25)
"Thanks to HeySuccess.com I have easily found internship I was searching for from a long time. I got hired and I'll start in summer. It was as easy as pie and right now I want to share my joy and excitement with the World! Cheers!"
Sonia (20)
Juvenile Justice Observatory SPAIN
"What great news! I got selected to represent the European Union at the Girls20 Summit in Australia! I love you HeySuccess! Thank you!"
Anna (20)
Girls20 Summit
"HeySuccess changed my life! I thought I would never find a job with youth unemployment in Greece at 65%, but HeySuccess makes miracles and now I am working at Nestle! Thank you my dear HeySuccess!"
Argyro (22)
"Even though I am from Gambia and I need a visa to go almost everywhere, in the last 4 months I have travelled to Morocco, Qatar, Cape Verde, Senegal and Thailand all by utilizing the HeySuccess opportunities. Through them I've truly learnt that the Sky is the limit."
Sheriffo (25)
Youth Consortium for Progress
"The Heysuccess.com internship helped me acquire the most advanced marketing skills, the kind that work in the real world. And a few days ago I got my first big marketing job! I am in charge of developing a marketing campaign for a new gym product! Thank you!"
Demetris (22)
In-visible Heroes