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by HeySuccess

While our users were doing their internships abroad, attending summer schools, and enjoying some lovely beaches, our team was preparing something super cool.

Want to find out more? Well, let us share it with you!

As you already know, HeySuccess is the largest youth platform in the world. And thanks to our innovative opportunity-sourcing technologies, we are the only platform in the world capable of offering all international student programs through a modern, clean web platform. (Zero ads please! We hate annoying ad banners, too.)

We don’t just share those few, super competitive “win a fully funded trip” type programs. Instead, every year we share over 30,000 youth opportunities including anything from corporate internships in New Zealand to full scholarships for studies in the UK, to student events in Japan.

Because we are the only platform with all international student programs, we gather lots of information about each program. Concretely, we can know about each program:

  • The number of people who keep engaged with a particular program during and after an application process (Social Index)
  • The amount of application interest it attracts (Application Interest Index 
  • Participants’ overall happiness with a program (Participant Satisfaction Score)
  • Program legacy: total number of participants since inception and development (Legacy Score)
  • Global reach: the size of a program’s global reach (Global Reach Index). Since we exclusively focus on truly international programs that recruit talent from all over the world, our ranking contains this important criterion.

This insight was enough to create a key a-ha moment for two members of our team: We can start announcing the most popular international student programs in the world.

The above five pieces of data are more than enough to rank the most popular programs and, in that way, help our users choose the best of the best for them personally. At the same time, it will be our recognition of and tribute to all those trying hard to contribute to the development of young people all over the world.

Our team has taken immediate action towards the realization of this idea. Our IT team created a software taking into account all the inputs on the five above criteria for dozens of thousands of programs. We even formed a small team called the HeySuccess Research Unit, and their goal will be to not only rank international student programs each year but also try to make this global assessment better every single year.

For example, for the next year, we would like to include additional criteria like post-program impact on participants in terms of career direction, inspiration, self-confidence, and more. We are still trying to figure out how to measure this, since that information would need some years to generate.

Do you like this idea?

We like it, too! Especially the fact that, for the first time in human history, we will have ranked the best and most popular international internships, scholarship programs, student conferences, and competitions.

Specifically, in the next months, we will be publishing 2019 rankings for:

  • The top 10 best scholarship programs in the world out of 567 international scholarship programs posted in 2019
  • The top 10 best internships out of 18938 international internship programs posted in 2019
  • The top 10 best graduate programs out of 3298 international graduate programs
  • The top 10 best global student events (including student conferences, summer and winter schools, workshops, and youth summits) out of 5837 student programs in 2019
  • The top 10 student competitions out of 1927 international student competitions posted in 2019

Are you excited? Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook page and blog to find out which were the best international internships, scholarship programs, and student events last year.

Search from 5437 opportunities in 189 countries