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Invite your university to purchase HeySuccess Collective Premium for all students

Attention all students!

Are you interested in gaining access to exclusive internship and scholarship opportunities, receiving personalized feedback on your resume and motivation letter, and obtaining country guides and other materials to help you succeed in international programs?

Then invite your university to purchase HeySuccess Collective Premium access for all its students! You can do so by visiting your university's career center or speaking with the person responsible for it.

Once you have expressed interest in HeySuccess Collective Premium to your university, someone from the institution can contact us at to discuss further details. Once arranged, all students from your university will have unlimited access to HeySuccess Premium and all its features at a small cost.

With HeySuccess Premium, you will gain access to thousands of programs that are added regularly. You can search and save your favorite internships and other international programs, use our application guides and support, and significantly increase your chances of finding an appropriate program and being accepted.

By providing Collective Premium access to its students, your university will not only assist you and your peers in searching and finding international programs, but it will also enhance its reputation among the student community. 

Moreover, your university will join a network of other international institutions that are dedicated to providing their students with the best opportunities to succeed, many of which have already joined the HeySuccess Network.

Contact us at for more information on the details. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Take action and invite your university now!

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