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Make Sure Your University Offers These Four Things
by HeySuccess

If you could design your own university experience — one without skyrocketing tuition costs, a “campus bubble” environment, or dull 300 person lectures — what would it look like?


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and complex, the need for intelligent, dynamic, experience, and open-minded leaders becomes increasingly important. It may seem far off right now, but you are the generation poised to become these very leaders: don’t you want to be prepared for success?


Minerva’s university program was designed with you in mind — those who recognize that traditional higher education simply wasn’t delivering all that it promises, all that it should. If today’s college graduates are emerging ill-prepared, just imagine how far behind students graduating later might be.


But Minerva is different — intentionally different, with the results to prove it.


For students about to embark on their four years of college, or those currently at a university and finding that they aren’t really learning what they need after graduation, consider the key elements below. Whatever institution you ultimately attend, make sure the program includes these components: they are critical to your success.


  1. Global Understanding: At Minerva you won’t just study diverse cultures, you will actually experience them firsthand, living in up to seven of the world’s most important cities during your four years  — including San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Taipei. Learning transcends the classroom thanks to curated partnerships and activities unique to each location that give students opportunities to apply concepts learned in class to a variety of contexts and situations.
  2. Pragmatic Liberal Arts: Applied knowledge is at the core of Minerva’s transdisciplinary curriculum. Classes are exclusively small seminars that help you to develop critical and creative thinking skills through intensive discussion and debate, also known as “fully active learning” — not memorization.
  3. Real-world Experience: As a Minerva student, you will receive life-long career support. After just one year, over 80% of Minerva students secured an internship or research position at organizations including Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, Google, AMBEV, Fujitsu, Uber, CalTech, Stanford, and UCSF Medical School.
  4. Accessibility: Our tuition is less than a quarter of that at our peer institutions, like those in the Ivy League. But Minerva goes even further, offering need-based financial aid to enable all admitted students to attend, regardless of where they come from.

This type of approach is working: Minerva was recently ranked number 1 of all schools that administered the CLA+, a standardized test that assesses critical thinking, problem-solving and written expression when Minerva freshmen performed at the 99th percentile when compared to the seniors at all the other institutions. Interested? Check our Minerva’s Medium channel to hear from current students and visit our website to learn more about admissions.

Search from 6795 opportunities in 190 countries