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No internship secured? Use this trick to not waste one more opportunity to improve your resume.

Summer is approaching, but you still haven’t managed to secure an internship? Worried you will waste another opportunity and graduate with a weak resume? It’s frustrating and often very scary, but not to worry.

There is one great trick that can have a similar impact on your resume as an internship and you can do it immediately: participate in student competitions!

They are usually organized by big international companies and are a perfect opportunity for you to get creative and demonstrate your skills. For example, the iconic producer of Mercedes-Benz cars, German brand Daimler, invites all students from all over the world to help them innovate and create their cars of the future.

You can easily sign up as there is no selection process for who can participate or not. Then, have fun and do your best to deliver innovative solutions and ideas with your team, who can be your best friends from university.

Even if you are not short-listed, you can always add your participation in a global competition (like the one organized by German company Daimler) to your resume as professional experience. This or any other big company’s brand name on your resume will look impressive and is absolutely better than nothing at all.

You can find many great competitions on your HeySuccess Wall (just search competitions).

Participating in student competitions really is a professional experience because you train in skills like innovative thinking, project management, teamwork, and presentation skills, just to name a few. There is no doubt that your participation in student competitions can be presented as professional experience. We have heard from dozens of HeySuccess users that this participation helped them impress other companies and they ended up with internship offers and job positions.

Everything above was about the impact of simply participating in student competitions. Just imagine the impact if your solution is short-listed in any of those competitions.

In addition to the obvious recognition by big and powerful brands, all short-listed candidates receive many other great prizes, from fully funded trips abroad to financial awards and even internship and job offers from those companies organizing the competition.

So participation in student competition not only brings a powerful brand to your resume but also potentially tangible prizes, trips abroad, and great networking opportunities.

If you want to read about the other benefits of participating in student competitions, check out this blog story.

The great news is that there are hundreds of student competitions offered every year to students just like you. Make sure you regularly check HeySuccess and set up notifications to never miss any newly added competitions.

And don’t forget that opportunity breeds opportunity and you will reap what you sow. If you do nothing about your career, resume, and experience, and just hope that a magic internship or job offer appears from somewhere, you can’t expect much success.
Fortunately, thanks to HeySuccess and student competitions, you can start sowing the seeds of success immediately!

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