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WE ARE PROUD to Launch the HeySuccess Live Talks!

WE ARE PROUD to Launch the HeySuccess Live Talks!

The most successful graduates, top recruiters, HR experts, great scientists, and inspiring people who have done extraordinary things and have found their path, happiness, and inner talent…we are bringing all of them to you in a series of live webinars—the HeySuccess Live Talks—that will help you to achieve the same success.

HeySuccess offers you dozens of thousands of the hottest student programs from around the world! Along with tips and expertise and motivation from successful people, we want to help you to find your inner calling and talents.

Opportunities + practical tips + motivation = everything that you need in your 20s - the most crucial part of your life.

HeySuccess Live Talks are live webinars that allow you to ask any question you might have and share any doubt or worry that you need advice about. Along with our guest speakers, we will be more than happy to help you!

Stay tuned to our HeySuccess facebook page and our HeySuccess Talks page for announcements about upcoming webinars. HeySuccess Live Talks are open to Premium users and external visitors who purchase individual webinar tickets.

This is going to be life-changing!

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