Absa Fellowship Programme



Location (s):

  • South Africa


We are looking for brave and passionate African leaders to go beyond the standards of what is attainable, to move humanity forward in ways that have not been discovered yet, to reframe, reimagine and reshape society. But if you only want to be ’good’ at what you do, then the Absa Fellowship Programme is not for you.


The Fellowship aims to:

  • Advance education
  • Drive transformative collaboration
  • Develop capable leadership
  • Facilitate progressive thinking

The Absa Fellowship journey will coincide with the duration of a student’s undergraduate studies, with candidates ultimately emerging as private or public sector leaders in their chosen industries; able to actively shape their societies, promote sustainability and bring possibility to life in ways that the world hasn’t seen before.

Our continent’s young people face a rapidly changing world and it’s with this in mind that we have made a very clear strategic commitment to our continent and the development of its youth. Young people need more than education, they also require critical work, life, business and thinking skills to help them adapt in this rapidly changing world. Our education and skills development initiatives are therefore focused on preparing young people for the workplace of the future. This is done with a demand-led approach, and our initiatives support the development of their technical, vocational, social and digital skills in line with the requirements of Africa’s key growth sectors.Additional focus is placed on institutional development, supporting 4IR education linked to leadership development and enhanced access to quality tertiary education.We have shifted our focus from awarding broad-based scholarships that support multiple disciplines to offering a curated Fellowship Programme focused on developing a cadre of authentic, accountable and ethical future leaders with the potential to play a shaping role in their respective communities on the African continent.

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and other emerging technologies are happening in ever-shorter cycles, changing the very nature of the jobs that need to be done and the skills needed to do them. The Absa Fellowship Progamme therefore focuses on supporting students studying towards an undergraduate degree in the following fields: science, technology, engineering, creative arts, humanities, mathematics and digital design/data (STEAHM_D) – all considered critical skills for the growth of a digital economy. The Fellowship offers a full merit scholarship, recognising the unique leadership capabilities and competencies exhibited by the successful candidates. In addition to financial support towards their academic studies, Fellowship recipients furthermore benefit from exposure to a specially curated Leadership Development Programme as well as being mentored by Absa leadership and other industry experts.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

What are the criteria to apply?

  • A catalyst for change
  • Brave and ready to embrace possibility
  • Ethical and socially conscious
    • Studying towards an undergraduate degree in:
    1. Science
    2. Technology
    3. Engineering
    4. Creative Arts
    5. Mathematics
    6. Humanities (Social Sciences)
    7. Digital/Data Design
  • A strong student with a matric average of 65% or more
  • Between the age of 18 and 25 years
  • Entering the first year of tertiary studies, with provisional or full acceptance from Absa’s pre-selected universities.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

What does the Fellowship offer?

The Absa Fellowship Programme is much more than an ordinary scholarship or bursary initiative. While successful candidates will receive financial support towards their academic studies, they are expected to actively participate in a specially curated leadership development programme created by Absa.

The following will be covered:

Academic costs

  • Full tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Laptop
  • Textbooks & Educational equipment
  • Monthly stipend
  • Meal allowance

Leadership programme

  • Travel (if required)
  • Learner modules and guides
  • Online lectures and assessments
  • Emotional wellness check-in sessions, academic tutoring and mentoring 

The Fellowship will provide a platform for participants to “engage the world to change the world” by creating their own content and posing their own questions. The Fellowship will also offer an involved emotional and academic wellness support structure.

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