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Aker BioMarine is a leading biotechnology company developing krill-derived products for consumer health and wellness and animal nutrition. The company has a strong position in its industry. In Aker BioMarine we believe in a world where everyone has access to quality nutrition and good health without compromising the planet. We are looking for more people like us, who believe they can make a difference in the world. We are about 340 employees globally, with more than 25 nationalities, spread across all time zones and most continents. Together, we form an international, high performing, diverse and fun work environment. Working with us means you appreciate diversity, are highly skilled within your field and can cope with unexpected situations. You enjoy a fast pace, tolerate quick decisions and continuously ongoing changes. You are a true team player who “chips in” when the situation requires so.


Who we are

We are a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, dedicated to improving human and planetary health. Our core business consists of harvesting, production, sales and marketing of krill-based products. 

We develop and sell unique food and nutritional supplements for humans and powerful ingredients for fish and animal feed.   

Our fully transparent value chain stretches from sustainable krill harvesting in pristine Antarctic waters through our Montevideo logistics hub, Houston production plant, and all the way to customers around the world.



We take on global challenges  


More than 80 percent of the world’s population is deficient in omega-3. Adequate omega-3 intake is considered important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can help prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In 2016, we delivered one billion doses of Superba Krill to the market, improving the lives of millions of people. 


In 2016 alone, fish farmers using our krill meal produced an additional 175 million servings of salmon – without increasing the volume of feed. An independent study conducted by the research institute Nofima, concluded that farmed salmon grow 10–25 percent faster due to our feed supplement, QRILL Aqua krill meal. 


In a united krill-industry drive, we are promoting effective sustainability practices through the Association of Responsible Krill Harvesting Companies (ARK). Efforts include the implementation of a voluntary no-fishing zone around penguin colonies threatened by climate change. 


Sound research covering the entire Antarctic marine ecosystem is vital for our business. Along with ensuring responsible harvesting of the Southern Ocean’s krill biomass, we established the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund together with WWF-Norway and The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) to promote and facilitate research on the Antarctic ecosystem. 


In 2016, we spent 5 percent of our revenues on science and innovation projects. Such funding builds scientific knowledge and has the potential to spur popular awareness and consumption of omega-3s. We recently launched a research study to evaluate the effects of our krill oil omega-3s on the resilience and performance of some of the world’s toughest Army recruits. Hopefully, the study will motivate a younger generation to boost their omega-3 levels.

WORK WITH US - Trust, transparency, empowerment and freedom

Bringing together experienced personnel and young staffers, fishermen and millennials, generates innovative and sustainable solutions.  

We have revised our employee handbook — gone are words such as “shall” and “must” along with references to mandatory 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. workplace attendance. We believe great ideas are generated when and where people think best. That's why our corporate culture is based on trust, transparency, empowerment and freedom. 

Make the difference 

We go out of our way to think differently about how to attract talented employees — and then challenge them to make a real difference. Together, we have built an international, high-performing, and fun work environment.  


If you do not find a matching position, please do not hesitate to send us an open application through this link.

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