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  • Egypt
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  • Germany
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  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lebanon
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Dentons is a global law firm and the world’s largest law firm by number of lawyers. Dentons is driven to provide you with the competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected marketplace.


Dentons is different. We make no secret of our willingness to challenge the traditional or expected. From our polycentric approach, to the diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds of our talent, our unique nature allows us to better serve our clients and offers a career path with unprecedented opportunity.

Graduates, law students and trainees say that the things that make Dentons different are the very same things that drew them to Dentons. So what makes Dentons different? Let them tell you.

Our strategy

Global and local market forces are rapidly changing the practice of law. Clients expect high quality, seamless service delivered faster, cheaper and better everywhere. Globalization—and the corresponding desire to protect cultural identity—is creating challenges and opportunities for law firms around the world.

In this environment we have created Dentons, the world’s only truly polycentric, global law firm, to meet these challenges.

All successful organizations have a clear vision of what they would like to be in the future, and a strategy for how to get there. The Dentons vision is to be the law firm of the future—right now. Our strategy is to grow, integrate and reinvent our business.

You have the opportunity to help build the law firm of the future and be a part of the strategy that gets us there.

Dentons. Our strategy makes us different.

Our people

Dentons is home to top-tier talent that is found at the intersection of geography, industry knowledge and substantive legal experience.

We offer more lawyers and services in more places than any other firm in the world. This offering reflects how we see the practice of law changing. Offices used to be the principal places in which services were performed, and that is still the case in many large, more traditional law firms. At Dentons, we view our offices as portals that connect legal talent across regions.

Working with Dentons, you will have the opportunity to work with the top legal talent around the corner and around the world.

Dentons. Our people make us different.

Our global reach

Clients want three things: extensive experience, deep industry knowledge and local cultural understanding wherever they operate. Dentons operates at the intersection of all three.

Driven to provide clients a competitive edge, and connected to the communities where our clients want to do business, we know that understanding local cultures is crucial to successfully completing a deal, resolving a dispute or solving a business challenge.

Each of Dentons’ foundational firms was truly in and of the communities it served: firmly grounded with the leading corporate clients and industries in its regions. We continue that tradition today.

At Dentons you can be a part of a firm that offers more presence in more places. With 135+ locations in 50+ countries, we offer a world of opportunity for your career.

Dentons. Our global reach makes us different.


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