Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) - FEEcon 2017: How You Can Change the World

May 15, 2017

Opportunity begins:

Jun 15, 2017

Opportunity ends:

Jun 18, 2017

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  • United States of America
Atlanta, GA


Looking for the skills to become a rockstar entrepreneur? Want to discover the power of sound economic thinking? You can do that and more at one of FEE’s 3-day seminars. We've been hosting sought-after seminars across the U.S. for decades, and we have something for everyone - highschoolers, homeschoolers, college students, recent graduates, and young professionals.


Join an amazing line up of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and speakers as we challenge traditional economic thinking and explore the link between strong character, entrepreneurship, and civil society. There's also fun activities, workshops, socials, and discussion sessions, but don’t take our word for it. Sign up for a FEE seminar today!

About FEEcon

FEEcon explores the possibilities for liberty in our time and, in particular, how you can change the world, through living and thinking more creatively and effectively.  It’s an expedition into what’s possible when human potential is unencumbered. Toward this end, it’s a celebration of entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and free-thinkers everywhere. It’s these people who, when free to pursue their passions, advance the social order. Everyone is invited to FEEcon to explore and discover how to be part of the solution.

About the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

FEE has been a leading non-profit organization in teaching the principles of a free society since its founding in 1946 by Leonard E. Read.FEE produces life-changing student seminars, free online courses, engaging classroom resources, and enlightening classic and contemporary content available at and on social media.

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Our seminars geared towards college students, recent graduates, and young professionals (Ages 18-26) immerse you in 3 days of engaging presentations, practical application activities, and thought-provoking challenges. You'll also have countless networking opportunities with all-star entrepreneurs and professionals.


Deadline: May 15, 2017

Program Starts: June 15, 2017

Program Ends: June 18, 2017

Cost/funding for participants:

Early bird registration is $99 for students & young professionals ($149 regular) and $329 for general attendees ($379 regular)

Travel and tuition reimbursement scholarships are available, and many students receive one or both of these scholarships.

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