HerHackathon 2023

Deadline: As soon as possible

Program Starts: July 06, 2023

Program Ends: July 09, 2023


Tech & IT


  • Germany


At HerHackathon 2023, 250+ international female digital natives (students, founders, young & experienced professionals) in thwill come together on-site in Germany to solve various challenges of 7 leading companies in Germany!


The digital pioneers joined forces with the company representatives to find creative and innovative solutions for your most decisive challenges - within 72 hours. The best solutions were awarded with great prizes.

HerHackathon is also a platform facilitating numerous opportunities for future projects and collaborations after the hackathon!

We need an all-female hackathon to...

  1. Counter underrepresentation of women in tech
  2. Develop gender-inclusive solutions and products
  3. Benefit from the advantages of diversity

Your 2023 HerHackathon experience.

  • INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS - Develop inclusive solutions and products
  • COMMUNITY - Expand your network with like-minded women and be part of the HerHackathon community
  • SIDE PROGRAMME & WORKSHOPS - Participate in trainings and workshops on female empowerment
  • PRIZES - Pitch your solutions and win great prizes!
  • Networking - Discover the inside world of 7 major companies
  • Fun - Do what you love and enjoy a good time with inspiring people!

Your 2023 Challenges & Challenge Setters.

  • Knowledge is power but sharing it is superpower! At Accenture we collaborate in a cross-functional manner, fill diverse roles over the course of our career, and solve varied, complex business problems on a daily basis. In order to succeed in these activities, immediate access to relevant knowledge is crucial. This immediate knowledge access becomes even more relevant when working in a virtual environment. However, knowledge is often bound to single individuals, specialized teams, or departments. Despite other available methods, identifying the right experts still mainly relies on classical communication-based approaches such as word of mouth or the individuals’ network. So, why should you develop a new approach to knowledge sharing?
  • Where’s the money? Passive income at your fingertips Allianz Global Investors is a leading active asset manager with over 754 investment professionals in 25 offices worldwide managing more than EUR 546 billion in assets for individuals, families and institutions. Our investment themes include Equity, Fixed Income, Alternatives, and Multi Assets. Today, our focus ranges from sustainable investing and investing in artificial intelligence to analyzing geopolitical tensions. We believe that everyone who works for us has a responsibility to help create an inclusive culture – and that inclusion is about every colleague, every day, everywhere.
  • How much BASF is in our daily life? It is almost impossible to imagine everyday life without BASF products. At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future and have been doing so for 150 years. We continue to enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. However, many of our innovations remain invisible to the end user. Additionally, we see sustainability as an integral part of our purpose and our targets. This motivates us every day to develop solutions for the greatest challenges of our time. For example, we already use bio-based and renewable raw materials in our production, plan to achieve to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and we are developing innovative products and technologies that will increase the service life of materials or their recyclability and compostability.
  • ReducING CO2 Footprint - In our everyday life, we make a lot of choices that have environmental and social impact. We can live a more sustainable life and preserve the planet for future generations if we can reflect on our choices to inform decisions in the future. As a socially responsible bank, we at ING are committed to ESG (Environment Social Governance) initiatives to make this world a better place. With our customer’s consent, we can translate data into insights into the choices we make in our daily lives. Create a digital solution allowing individuals to reflect on the environmental/social impact of their choices. We’re looking for tech creatives to best utilize the transactional data, combining it with the carbon footprint of known commodity products & services to help customers visualize their individual carbon footprint, benchmark it against available standards (e.g. country average, geography average etc.), and set carbon reduction goals and actionable insights on recommendations to reduce carbon footprint
  • Ensuring representation in trial participants in terms of D&I - Making clinical trials inclusive, patient-centric, and safe. There are many potential pitfalls during the design and the execution of clinical trials, which can make the study outcome different from the expected label. Notably, issues might emerge from different types of biases related to selection, performance, detection, attrition, or reporting. In particular, it might result from the under-representation of certain segments of the targeted population that would exhibit a different risk-benefit profile. To illustrate, many assets targeting certain chronic disease have been found to affect men and women differently. If the trial does not have proper representation of both genders, the outcome will not be representative. Likewise, the risk of experiencing serious side effects may be greater in some ethnic groups than others, resulting in a mischaracterization of the safety profile of the drug.
  • No Search, just Finding - At Schwarz IT, we work on creating the best and smoothest shopping experiences for our customers. Working for Lidl, Kaufland and more, we develop and devise new and upcoming technologies to challenge the status quo of today’s shopping habits, whilst leaving our customers happy following a convenient and considered shopping experience.
  • One-stop-shop for Ethical Artificial Intelligence - At ZF Group, we operate in the mobility sector and use AI in our products and processes. Therefore, we are also bound to ethical standards and AI laws, such as the European AI Act, which lists regulations according to AI risk classes. The accompanying verification mechanisms to be demonstrated in AI auditing require (preventive) measures. Ethics have different requirements depending on the stakeholder perspective. AI ethics are defined differently but always represent a combination of measurable and non-measurable values, such as transparency, diversity, environmental friendliness, security, etc. The specific AI use case determines which values need to be considered along the AI lifecycle.

Opportunity is About


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate

  • The HerHackathon 2023 is aimed at women and people who identify as women. Participant can be students, young professionals, professionals, and freelancers with a high level of interest and ideally experience in the design and development of digital applications and processes.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old on the day of the event. The organizers reserve the right to verify that the participant is of legal age during the registration process.
  • Participants must all reside or be located in Europe for the time of the event.
  • Employees of the organizers may not actively participate in the HerHackathon 2023.
  • Participants who are employees of a company, a public institution or an educational institution are themselves responsible for ensuring that their participation in the HerHackathon and the development of their idea does not violate the rules of their respective institution or employer.

How do I find a team?

Participants can apply as individuals or as teams.

If you are taking part as a team, each team member must apply individually using the application form: https://digitalregistration.typeform.com/to/ODfE1CMY. During the application, each participant must specify the name of the team. This name must be exactly the same for all team members to ensure accurate matching.

Individual participants will be matched in teams by the organizers. All teams need to have a minimum of three and a maximum of six persons. Participants may not belong to more than one team at the same time. After the start of the event a change of teams by the participants/team members is no longer possible.

The evaluation criteria for the challenges will include in particular:

  • Technical methodology and implementation, especially quality of coding, algorithms used.
  • Added value, market potential, usability, practical relevance, scalability.
  • Presentation and pitch, clarity of the project and a vision for its implementation.

The exact evaluation criteria and their weighting will be communicated by the organizers and the jury before the start of the hackathon.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Program starts:

July 06, 2023

Program ends:

July 09, 2023

Program Starts: July 06, 2023

Program Ends: July 09, 2023

Cost/funding for participants

Since the event is fully online, there are no additional costs for you. You have to take care of the food & beverages to stay fit during the hackathon. Use your favourite hardware and equipment and ensure a stable internet connection.

What can you win?

Every challenge setter will evaluate the solutions handed in by their teams and choose one winner team.

After the first round of challenge-internal pitches and evaluation, the best team from each challenge will move to the second round and pitch their solutions in front of the independent jury. The jury will evaluate the solutions and select three final winners. The prize pool contains €16.000. The 1st place wins €10.000, the 2nd place wins €4.000, and the 3rd place wins €2.000. This will be divided equally between the members of the respective winning team.

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