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Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world. Our university-focused programs are a departure from the ordinary training experience. We immerse talented and driven people in our business and fast-track them for big roles in our company. Our University Relations programs exist in all six zones across our Kraft Heinz globe and are a critical talent pipeline for the organization.


Corporate Trainees

The Kraft Heinz Corporate Management Trainee Program is not just a job. It is an unparalleled opportunity to jump-start your career. This program is designed to broaden your overall knowledge of how our multifaceted, multi-national corporation operates. Corporate Trainees dream big. They see themselves as our future leaders, whether it is as CEO, CFO, Zone President, or beyond. They’re determined to reach goals through a bias for action and a passion for results. As a Corporate Management Trainee, you are hand-selected and sponsored by our CEO/Zone President. This intensive leadership development program seeks to mold you as a future leader of our company. The Program is designed for top talent who seek a performance-based culture built on meritocracy. Ambitious, hard-working, passionate employees who deliver results will be rewarded accordingly.

MBA General Management

We view our MBA General Management program as a global top-talent pipeline initiative. In our MBA program, you will join Kraft Heinz as a direct hire into a position of significant responsibility. Those who deliver results can expect to soar, via our meritocracy. There is no time limit to success or a calendar of learning rotations. You join as a direct hire into a position of significant responsibility taking on real work, making real decisions that accelerate your career.

Operations Trainees

The expectations are high for our Operations Trainees. You will receive support from our executive leadership team, and we see you as one of the next leaders of our Manufacturing and Operations functions. As an Operations Management Trainee, you are sponsored and selected by the Head of Operations. This immersive program is designed to develop you as a future Operations leader. The program is comprised of experiential classroom learning and project assignments at one of our manufacturing locations. You will be exposed to all aspects of our Operations organization to equip you with the knowledge and skills to grow as an Operations leader.

Sales Management Trainees

The Kraft Heinz Company Sales Management Trainee Program is a highly-competitive development program for candidates seeking an exciting sales career. Leaders in this program will contribute to our future—the next chapter in our incredible legacy—our dream. Having a Consumer-First mindset and a passion for the food industry is a fundamental value at Kraft Heinz, and a necessary quality in a Trainee. Selected individuals must be both comfortable and confident being the face of Kraft Heinz to our customers.

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We offer the resources and financial rewards of a global corporation while providing you the autonomy to take ownership of your work and achieve from the start.

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