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  • Colombia


In PenZA Colombia - Medellín- we are looking for a programmer with a marketing orientation profile to be part of our team, work as webmaster of the company and to work in the developing/programming of a new innovative platform for entrepreneurs. We are looking for a person passionated by innovation, highly creative, teamwork skills, resourcefulness and commitment and with wide perception, research capability and a love for learn.


PenZA Perception Lab is a discovery crucible for yet unknown and unrealized new perceptions and their application, considering the current state of human affairs.   

PenZA Group is a unique multi-dimensional global membrane of people who care for the future, and develop new strategies, methodologies and projects to meet future needs and challenges, based upon universal values. 

PenZA specializes in designing comprehensive strategies together with national and corporate leaders, focusing on innovation, sustainability and education. Within this,  PenZA develops and applies advanced methodologies and instruments for leading and mentoring innovation processes, as well as new approaches for education, sustainability, leadership development and training; designing new templates of thinking; building programs for social responsibility and a variety of other areas.

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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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