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Learn the critical skills you need to make more informed decisions and enact positive change.

As the nature of the workforce continues to shift, organizations increasingly need leaders who can utilize data to make informed decisions.

The Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) is a unique program designed for rising professionals in diverse fields around the world. Become an adaptive leader who can deconstruct problems, interpret complex data, and devise effective solutions, in order to drive meaningful improvements in any sector.

In this 21-month, part-time, non-residential graduate program, you will acquire key transferable skills, through the practical application of frameworks and concepts across multiple contexts.



  • Learn in a flexible 21-month, part-time program designed for working professionals
  • Gain advanced analysis and decision-making skills that span disciplines
  • Engage with expert faculty and peers from around the world
  • Accelerate your ability to make profound organizational and societal change
  • Attend active learning classes from anywhere in the world with no residential requirement


The MDA curriculum focuses on how to utilize big data to inform decisions of consequence. With courses covering complex analysis, research methods, and information-based decision-making, you will gain the interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills to help you advance your career. The final thesis project enables you to apply your learning to a substantive topic of your choosing.

Active Learning in Small Seminars

All classes are conducted in a small seminar format using Minerva’s fully active learning methodology, which compels you to be prepared to contribute in every class session, helping you hone your critical thinking, debate, and presentation skills. Classes are held on Forum™, enabling flexibility for working professionals from around the world.

As an MDA student, you will engage with your cohort of diverse professionals in a dynamic virtual classroom environment.

Minerva’s active learning approach, based in the science of learning, enables you to deeply understand course material and apply it to real professional contexts, equipping you with universal decision-making and problem-solving skills. Classes are led by a team of world-renowned faculty, who are experts in their fields. By introducing, reinforcing, and evaluating your use of specific capabilities, Minerva professors help you learn, practice, then master these skills over time.

Rather than centering on memorization, each class offers opportunities to debate, investigate, collaborate, and apply key concepts. All Minerva classes are conducted via Forum™, an advanced interactive platform that enables engagement in multiple formats, including breakout groups, polls, simulations, and presentations. This range of learning modalities gives you numerous opportunities to develop and apply practical knowledge that is both relevant to your career and critical for the world.

Curated Career Resources

To help you advance your career, Minerva will help you identify your goals, explore possible paths, and develop a realistic plan to achieve them. In addition to select career resources, you gain access to personalized coaching and talent development support.


Minerva’s unique admissions process gives talented students from around the world better access to. By eliminating biases, including standardized tests and admissions fees, our merit-based approach focuses on who you are, how you think, and what you have achieved.


  • Part One - Application: Complete a short online form with basic information including your academic history and employment status. We also require your academic transcript and CV or resume.
  • Part Two - Challenges: You will complete two unique challenges to measure how you think. The Challenges will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
  • Part Three - Interview (invitation only): Select candidates will be invited for an interview. These interviews will be conducted online on a rolling schedule dependent on the evaluation of submitted materials.

Evaluation: We will evaluate candidacy for the program based on demonstrated initiative; analytical skills, including quantitative and computer literacy; creative thinking and communication skills; and academic or professional accomplishments. After review of candidate qualifications and a round of interviews, a select group will be invited to attend.



 “I believe the most different aspect of Minerva is the fact that it focuses on execution, where other universities only focus on thinking. I’m interested in execution because it is the most important thing for startups and new businesses because the environment changes every day. So we have to make our decisions day by day quickly based on complex information. I would like to not only learn how to think, but [framed in] the way of execution.” Marina Nishizawa, Tokyo, Japan, student from the Class of 2022. Read more here.

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Merit-based Admissions

Our unique admissions process eliminates unfair biases and, instead, focuses on who you are, how you think, and what you have achieved.

At Minerva, there are no standardized test requirements (e.g. GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL) as these measures fail to accurately represent a students’ true academic and leadership potential. Instead, our merit-based approach seeks qualified students who will benefit from, and contribute to, their graduate experience.

Minerva admissions does not have any enrollment caps or quotas of any kind, so you are not competing with other applicants for limited, pre-selected spots. Regardless of where you come from, if you demonstrate the curiosity, drive, and potential to excel, you will be offered admission.


Deadline: May 15, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

Invest in Your Future

Our commitment to an affordable education means we only invest in the things that improve your learning experience.

Financing an Advanced Degree

The Master of Science in Decision Analysis is both affordable and can be financed with optional student loans. With semester payments of $7,900, the full 21-month program starting in September 2021 is $39,500. You should also budget approximately $500 for additional course materials over the entire program. Tuition is payable in five equal installments over the course of the program, and other payment plan options may be available.

Applying for a Student Loan

Your financial situation will not impact your admissions decision in any way. Once admitted, you are eligible for a low-interest student loan, covering up to 50% of tuition costs. To receive detailed information about the loan option, email

We also encourage you to research financing sources outside of Minerva, such as scholarship grants, employer professional development benefits, and other subsidies.

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