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Location (s):

  • Finland


WFL Publisher is a science publishing company, disseminating educational, scientific or professional material in the areas of food & health, agriculture and environment. All books or journals are published in English language. We cooperate with a large network of scientists and universities around the world. The working language used in the office is the English language. We provide a great opportunity to work in a multicultural environment! Trainees come from different countries of the world to work at WFL Publisher.


We invite students from Finland or from abroad for a short or long-term free of charge internship in our office. The selected candidate must have basic computer skills with a good command of the English language.The applicant must be motivated, have good criteria and willing to work in a team. There might be a very small payment  for a trainee who has no grant or no financial support and fulfills his or her work commitment. We need to have a tax paper (verokortti  in Finnish) from local trainees.
An applicant should send his or her resume alongside with a letter of motivation.The applicant must send details of his or her school coordinator and dean. The applicant must specify the field of his or her study (see below).

We, as the hosting company, will interact only and directly with the institution of the applicant. Based on the feedback of the institution we will decide whether to accept or refuse the candidate. All contracts and letters of commitment must be approved and signed (by the school coordinator). We have the right to reject the application of a prospective candidate (§:Contract; §:Letter of commitment). If our inquiries are not answered at the time of application, we will reject the application of the candidate. 

There is no deadline for applying for  traineeship; the candidate can apply anytime in the year. You can inform via social media, forums or emails networks students, friends, school coordinators, heads of departments and directors of schools about this work placement opportunity.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Who can apply?

  • Volunteer
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Researcher 
  • Scientist

Educational field

  • Computer sciences
  • IT Technology and communication
  • Humanities and education 
  • Translation, English phylology, French phylology
  • Art and media
  • Natural resources and the environment
  • Life science
  • Economics
  • Marketing, finance and planning
  • Social services and health
  • Social sciences, business and administration
  • Other related studies


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Benefit of a  valuable work experience
  • Language skills
  • Developing  professional skills
  • Getting  familiar with office management
  • References for your future career
  • Knowledge of other cultures

Small payment might be given at the end of the full traineeship period (if agreed in the contract).

If the trainee achieves very good results during the traineeship period and shows interest and motivation, we may  hire him or her for a short or a long-term period. We might elaborate a work plan based on tasks performed during the traineeship period. 

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