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Whether a paid internship in Germany, scholarship for studies in Japan, summer school in the US, or graduate job at the UN in Switzerland… We bring this world of opportunities to the fingertips of every university student who wants their 20s to be fun, exciting, successful, and very international.
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HeySuccess is the largest youth platform globally with both opportunities and users in over 180 countries around the world.
We are on a mission to bring international experiences to millions of young people because we believe international experiences are important, rewarding, and above all, fun!

Your years studying at university are the most ideal period of life to experience the world and acquire invaluable skills and global awareness.
Fortunately, there are dozens of thousands of international opportunities gathered only on HeySuccess, ready for you to explore the world!

Before HeySuccess, the methods for finding student opportunities abroad were still in the Stone Age.
Students had to waste an enormous amount of time searching Google and messy youth portals with very few opportunities offered. Even with the huge time investment, students would still miss 99% of the other opportunities never published by those tiny portals.
Other alternatives were expensive agencies and organizations offering very few prearranged and low-quality internships abroad (like teaching English abroad or low-quality volunteer positions).

We thought every student deserves access to quality and diverse opportunities abroad.

We know how painful the feeling of missed opportunity can be!
For that reason, we started building the solution.

We created the technology and network of partnerships that make it possible to bring dozens of thousands of student programs abroad to a single platform in real time.

Precisely, this means:

  • Internships, volunteer positions, and graduate jobs; scholarships for all levels of study, fellowships, and exchange programs; student conferences, summer schools, and creative competitions
  • Tons of helpful resources like application tips, ebooks, webinars, country guides, and more
  • Superior customer support led by career experts specialized in international programs

We believe that a university education is important but far from enough in our highly competitive, globalized world. But when formal education is paired with traveling, studying, or interning abroad, it brings amazing results to the student’s life and career. (You can read just a few of those stories in our Hall of Fame and on our Instagram account).

Enjoy experiencing our beautiful planet:

Intern / Travel / Study / Volunteer Abroad!

In the last 12 months, HeySuccess has connected thousands of students and
graduates to opportunities around the world at organizations such as:

Some of our success stories

Meet some of those who had unforgettable experiences abroad thanks to international opportunities:

Don't miss being a part of this exciting world of international mobility:

8.5 Million
Students study, intern, or work every year outside of their home country
$200 Million
In scholarships available to international students every year
30 000+
International internship and graduate programs every year

Why HeySuccess is the largest and most loved youth platform in the world:

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    Thanks to our innovative technologies, we are capable of sourcing 200–300 times more opportunities than any other similar alternative (20 vs. 5000 active opportunities). You won’t miss opportunities - only with HeySuccess.

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    Each user only sees opportunities where he is eligible to apply based on his citizenship. No wasting time on opportunities that aren’t for you.

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    Thanks to our innovative features, you never miss any new opportunities or deadlines.

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    We are the only youth platform in the world that offers 1-on-1 support led by career experts specialized in international programs.

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    NO ADS

    We hate annoying banner ads too. Enjoy a 100% ad-free experience on HeySuccess.

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    Every year, we connect 15,000+ students to opportunities all over the world.

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    Our HQ is based in London, UK, from where we create a global impact with students, universities and companies.


Who started HeySuccess?

HeySuccess began as the vision of one person, Milenko Pilic, whose life was changed by global student opportunities. Although Milenko’s starting position wasn’t relatively high, international programs allowed him to live and work in seven countries (Greece, the United States, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, and the United Kingdom) and visit over 50 countries for different professional experiences and study abroad programs.

The power of international opportunities is best demonstrated by the fact that Milenko received three job offers before he even graduated. Instead of accepting any job offers, he decided to launch his own company and help millions of other young people make the most of their 20s. Milenko has named the emerging group of successful, globally minded graduates the “Millennial Champions.”

Today, HeySuccess is a global brand helping hundreds of thousands of students find a dream opportunity abroad and acquire priceless international experiences.

Milenko was invited to share our vision and successes at dozens of events at Oxford University, World Youth Forum, Leap Conference, Pangyo Tech Valley in Seoul, AUEB Greece...

HeySuccess has also been recognized and supported by UK Trade & Investment, One Young World, several private and VC investors, and Ms. Gianna Angelopoulos (CEO of the 2004 Athens Olympics), among others. We have been featured on BBC, CNN, Forbes, TEDx, CNBC, and The Huffington Post.

Our vision is to make higher education a truly global experience by unlocking a new and exciting world full of international opportunities and practical resources for millions of those young people who want something more out of their 20s - and life in general.

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