Frequently Asked Questions

About the world of unlimited opportunities

  1. What are “student programs abroad” and why are they important for my life? - +

    Student programs abroad are critical. Imagine a world where there are many more applications for each job posting than the number of positions offered; about five times as many. That is the world that we live in, and it is the reality you will face after you graduate. One of the smartest things that you can do during your studies is to rise above the masses and prepare yourself for the future after graduation. 

    International student programmes are programmes abroad that allow you to enhance your skills, learn about the world and your professional field, and meet many useful contacts and new friends. They include international internships, student conferences, graduate positions, and student competitions and projects. All of these events and programmes are intended to grant additional skills and knowledge. 

    These skills and knowledge, and the opportunity to demonstrate them on your CV, are critical for your future. Put yourself in the position of a typical HR manager who receives hundreds (if not thousands) recent graduates' applications for one position. What would you do? You would probably try to quickly filter out the applications that demonstrate little experience, leaving 20 or 30 remaining. In this initial phase, it is crucial that your CV has something that raises it above the masses. Believe us: the most powerful thing is showing that you are proactive person who is going the extra mile by taking part in additional educational and non-educational activities during your studies.

  2. How important is it to take part in at least one student programme? What are the concrete benefits of taking part in a programme? - +

    By using your time in school in an efficient way, including taking part in international student programmes, you will:

    - Acquire useful and practical knowledge and boost your CV above the average.
    - Become an elite graduate that is extremely attractive to anyone who is hiring students or recent graduates. 
    - Make many international connections and meet amazing young people, future job opportunities, and society leaders from many different countries.
    - Open up new opportunities. You will probably be overwhelmed by the number of opportunities that you can pursue!
    - Open your mind more than reading a book or watching a documentary ever could. The memories of your experiences will stay with you for the rest of your life.

    So, getting a degree is fine, and the college experience is amazing, but those things are not enough! You need something more, and international student programmes offer something above and beyond a college education.

  3. Why go abroad? - +

    Because you can!

    There are thousands of international programmes for students that are accepting applications at any given moment. These programmes are in neighbouring countries, in Europe, the USA, and distant places like Australia and Argentina. Flights are cheap, most programmes are advertised and applied to online, and sites like Airbnb and Booking can help you with accommodations—travel has never been easier.
    Some even cover all costs (including airfare, accommodation and other living expenses).

  4. I am accepted into the program, but I do not have money to go? This program does not offer any financial assistance! My family and I do not have money to send me to all those different international programs and events! - +

    You do not need to be from a rich family or a rich country. Many of student programs abroad are cheap or even free. Many international internships are paid. For other you can fundraise. 

    If I tell how affordable the international programs are, you won’t believe me. One of the most wide-spread myths among students is that going abroad for education or work experience is actually very expensive. What is not, in most cases.

    Also, there are programs that even cover all costs (airfare, accommodation, living expenses) and we call them: fully funded programmes. But try to not concerate only on those hence you will be missing many other life-changing opportunities.

    We prepared a detailed guide on how to find money for your education, trips and internships abroad. You can download it from here.

    Do not forget that there are many young people who managed to fundraise thousands for their education and trips abroad. We believe you can do the same, if you work hard on that.

  5. In order to participate in global youth events, should I be a member of any student organisation? - +

    Of course not! A membership as a requirement to participate at international student events is an outdated concept! In most cases you apply as an individual, no need to be a member of any student organisation. In most cases, you just need to be a student.

    But in the beginning it may be useful for you to become a member of a student organisation, in order to get initial contacts, practical skills, and an initial boost of self-confidence. But do not get stuck to them for more than one year at maximum. There is another level waiting on you after memberships in student organisations and societies.

  6. How do I apply for international conferences, internships, scholarships...? - +

    Just pick up as many programs as possible, read them carefully and give your best at writing a quality application. And yes, we can help you with that in this way: 

    Download our ultimate ''Golden Rules for Applying'' for writing any type of application and increase your chances by 80%. If you want more advice & tips, check out our blog.

  7. What if they do not select my application? - +

    If you do not believe in yourself, no one will! This doubt is just in your mind, and you can change this state of mind very easily. Just give your best in every situation, grab every opportunity that presents itself, and never give up. Learn here about how to take rejection and grow stronger because of it.

    Do not forget that your motivation and self-confidence (or lack of these things) can be communicated through your application. Remember: this is a numbers game. Sometimes you have to apply several times to different programmes. Eventually, everybody succeeds. We know of very few students who have never been selected for programmes that they like. These people are the best proof that anyone can do it.

    Take a “step-by-step” approach. Participating in smaller and shorter programmes is not a waste of time because it looks great on a CV and it gradually raises you above the average. The next time that you apply for larger and more competitive programmes, your application will be much stronger than before because of that experience. 

  8. My CV is empty, and I have not had much experience. Do I have any chance of being selected? - +

    Use every opportunity you can get to improve your CV, including local activities and workshops, volunteering, conferences, projects with friends, etc. There are many great opportunities that do not require you to compete against other applicants. Just give something a try.

    Here and here are two great tricks that will make your resume look much more attractive.

  9. What about language requirements? English is not my native language. - +

    By the pure fact that you are reading these FAQs, we assume that your English is at a satisfactory level to begin with. As time goes on, you are going to improve, and you will eventually be ready to work and function in native English-speaking communities. There are plenty of ways to improve your English; just start working at it. Use Google and other web resources when you need help; Google can be your best friend!

  10. Are student programmes safe? Is it possible that I will be involved in some kind of dangerous or criminal activities? - +

    In our many years of experience, we have never come across any illegal activities or even major inconveniences that students have experienced while participating in these programmes. However, it is important for you to always read the programme description carefully and to check other sources, such as websites and previous student experiences, to ensure that you understand what the opportunity entails and whether it is something that you would be comfortable doing.

    Please note that HeySuccess is not responsible for the validity of any programme published on our website. Learn more about this in the Terms & Conditions.

  11. I am only interested in a few programmes, and all of the places are already taken. There are many students with better CVs and connections than me. Regardless of how hard I try, I will never be accepted for an internship or scholarship. What should I do? - +

    Not many students have been accepted by applying for only a few programmes. Students that are persistent and continue to apply to multiple programmes usually see results within a couple of months. Once you are in the game, new programmes and opportunities will keep coming, your CV and experience will become stronger with each activity you participate in, and your application skills will improve with each programme that you apply for. Give your best at everything you do in your life, and you will make it. We post hundreds of new international programmes every day, providing you with plenty of opportunities to keep trying.

    Keep in mind that the most successful people have experienced many rejections in their career (e.g. these guys). The difference between them and the people who give up is that they used all of those good (and bad) experiences to grow. 

  12. Employees of companies are experienced professionals. Will I be capable of meeting the expectations of a corporate internship? - +

    Your desire to learn new things demonstrates your interest. Of course, employees and managers do not expect you to know everything about what they do and what a programme entails. You will use the programme to grow and develop new skills. Their expectation is that you will give your best, work hard, and have a positive attitude.

    An internship is a wonderful learning experience, and if you give your best effort you should have no problems at all. You can be sure that your time in this type of programme will pay off.

    Learn more here about what employers really want.

  13. Do I need many documents for my application? - +

    Usually not, but please check the programme description every time you apply. For help with the application process, utilize all of the advice and tips on our blog and in this guide.

  14. I have made it to the interview stage. How do I best prepare? - +

    Congratulations! Take few minutes to celebrate being on the short-list of candidates!

    If you are anxious about an upcoming interview, this expert’s advice will help you.

    After celebrating this small success, it is time to start preparing for that interview. Check here about how to answer the most common internship interview questions. At the very least, you should know what to do and what not to do during the interview.

    Most importantly, relax and speak honestly. Always keep in mind that there are dozens of thousands of opportunities out there if you are not selected for this one. If you give it your best and you are selected, then that will be great! However, if you give it your best and you are not selected, then it will be a learning experience. Read here about how to take rejection positively.

  15. My university’s schedule does not allow me to participate in internships, conferences, and projects abroad. Further, my professors will not let me be absent that much. What should I do? - +

    We have heard this so many times. However, there are many young people who successfully manage to balance their academic life with internships and other extracurricular activities abroad. Do not let scheduling constraints be a barrier for you. With confidence, we can say that there are ways to work around academic schedules!

    Besides the 2-3 months of breaks you have during the year, you can seek out ways to get free days during the academic term to travel abroad. For example, you can have someone record or take notes for your lecture and you will not miss anything while you are gone!

    To improve your time management skills and get more done in a day, check this article out.

  16. How do I write a great cover letter? - +

    Our HR expert, Claire, can help you with that here.


  17. Is the traditional way of finding an internship and then applying for it the only way to get an internship? - +

    This is a great question! Around 60% of permanent jobs never get advertised, and internships follow a similar pattern. Check out the full story about that here.


How HeySuccess works

  1. What is HeySuccess? - +

    HeySuccess is a global Hub for student programmes abroad, helping you—the student or recent graduate—to quickly filter through and find student programmes from every corner of the world. We also help global brands, international companies, governments, international organisations, big NGOs, and the like in their quest to find you.

    HeySuccess consists of the website (which you are looking at right now), an international programme database (which you do not see), and a network of our partners and affiliated organisations which we hope you will meet by applying for and taking part in the programmes and activities posted on our website. Learn more about HeySuccess here

    If you are a Company or Organisation, check this out.

  2. How are you different from other websites? Why should I use your products and services? - +

    HeySuccess was born out of the personal pain of us, as students and career-seekers, being unable to find a quick and effective tool for sourcing and applying for student programmes. 

    You can go to the career office at your university, like we did, and you will be offered a very small number of student programs abroad. Or, you can search local recruitment websites in individual countries which offer few opportunities abroad. You can also try searching Google, LinkedIn, and individual career pages, organisations, and companies, and waste tons of your time just to find a couple of things that you actually like.

    HeySuccess is on the path to becoming the global Hub—a central place for nearly all of the international student programmes that are out there. Our goal is to offer every programme that is available, and we have the technology to do it. When we say “student programs abroad'' we are referring to programmes that many nationalities can apply to. These types of programmes make up more than 90% of our programme database. The other 10% is reserved for very attractive national or local student programmes that are considered more exclusive.

  3. What exactly does your website offer? - +

    Programmes are listed on your Wall. We provide you with a selection of the finest and best student programmes that match your profile—not just any internship or scholarship that is added to our database. 

    Programmes are listed based on your eligibility, so we work hard to make sure that you only receive programmes that you can actually apply for. Eligibility is based on your citizenship, student visa, profile background, etc. You can also filter these programmes and find exactly what you are looking for using precise search criteria.

    On the other side of things, many international organisations are also recruiting through HeySuccess. Therefore, make sure that you are regularly updating your profile on HeySuccess so that you will be more visible to them. Every skill, experience, and description line in your profile counts. Companies and organisations have very powerful search tools on HeySuccess, so be sure that your talent will be noticed. 

    Do not forget that a lot of recruitment happens as companies and organisations directly find candidates through searches of CVs. Companies struggle to find good candidates, and they try to find top student talent even before they graduate. Moreover, we equip you with the tools to connect with other students and organisations. Follow other students and organisations to find out more about them via their social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

  4. What does it mean to have “programmes at your fingertips?” - +

    There are many hundreds of international student programmes coming to your Wall every day. You can view them at any given moment, at any location, even from a mobile device.

  5. How do I use HeySuccess? Can you guide me through the process? - +

    The most important search criterion is your citizenship, since most international programmes are open for specific nations. For that reason, we ask you for that information at the activation step, followed by some other information that is important for filtering the programme listing on your Wall.

    You can be sure the we will only display programmes you are eligible to apply for. From there, use our search tools to filter your results in more detail. Do not forget: this is a numbers game. You need to be patient and devoted. Not all of the best programmes are on the first page of results. Dig deeper, and explore the results in full. You would be surprised by how many cool opportunities are listed if you scroll just a little bit down.

    After you find a programme that interests you, read it carefully, and press the button “More info – application,” and apply. Or, you can save it and come back to it later. Remember: you will be notified about approaching deadlines and other important information for programmes saved to “My programmes.”

    The guide ''Golden Rules for Applying'' is going to help you to rock the application process, along with additional advice and tips on our blog.

  6. The HeySuccess homepage is asking me “Where are you from?” and about my citizenship. Why is this information important? - +

    If you are chasing international student programmes, these are crucial questions. Based on your citizenship, you will not be eligible for every programme. Therefore, we want to save you time by only listing international student programmes that you are actually eligible to apply for. 

    We know the awful feeling of reading the whole opportunity posting and finding out at the end that you are not eligible to apply. We never want you to experience that feeling again. On HeySuccess, you can explore programmes you are eligible to apply for based on your citizenship, and those that are currently active (i.e. have not expired).

  7. What if I live abroad in a country different than my citizenship? - +

    Then you are in an even better position! For example, let us say you are from the United Kingdom but you are studying in Canada. If you are a legal resident of Canada, then you are also eligible for most of the programmes targeted for Canadian citizens. This means that even more opportunities are available to you. Seize the opportunity to include this information in “Residence permit/student visa” section on your profile! 

    Plus, if you have more than one citizenship (we once met a guy who had four citizenships), it will be like having your own special passport to international programmes.

  8. What does “Always Active” in the programme’s deadline mean? - +

    This means that the application process is rolling (you can apply throughout the year without specific deadlines), or the application period opens regularly every year. 

    The reason for this status is that we want to draw your attention to some extremely valuable programmes in advance. If you find a programme that you are especially interested in and you know that it will be open in the near future, you may want to pay close attention to it so you do not miss the deadline. Further, you may wish to prepare for your application early, or apply in advance in order to get a leg-up on other candidates. 

    The second possibility is that an “Always Active” program is actually the internal search engine for an organisation, and their programmes are opened on a regular basis. In that case, just use their individual search engine to find out which programme is active right now.

  9. What does “As soon as possible” in the programme’s deadline mean? - +

    This means that the programme is available for a limited time, and you had better apply as soon as possible. This opportunity could expire at any moment, so complete your application immediately. In some cases, those programmes are open on a “first come, first served” basis, so the organisation could close the application process as soon as it has a sufficient number of applicants.

  10. Do I need to pay anything? - +

    You pay a fee for access to HeySuccess, which is currently around $3/month. We charge this in order to run our organisation and provide you with thousands of new international student programmes every month.

    If you cannot afford to pay for access to HeySuccess, you can invite someone else to purchase the premium upgrade for your account. It is easy: just select your upgrade and invite that person via email. Once the premium upgrade is purchased, we will notify you of the upgrade of your account to premium. 

  11. What is a Premium voucher? How do I get it and how do I use it? - +

    We try to arrange with as many universities as possible to purchase Premium vouchers for their students. Follow which universities are onboard with this process in our announcements or on our Instagram and Facebook group.

  12. If I pay for my access to HeySuccess, do I also need to pay for programmes that have fees? - +

    It may be the case that some programmes charge a fee to apply or participate, but these fees are separate from HeySuccess. 

    HeySuccess strictly provides you with a link to the organisation's opportunity and webpage, where you apply independently from us. If there are other fees, that transaction is solely between you and the organisation that is providing that programme.

    90% of international student programmes are free of charge and do not require any financial transaction related to submitting an application.

  13. Do I get paid for participating in international student programmes? - +

    In some cases, yes. In fact, around 40-50% of the programmes on HeySuccess are either fully or partially funded, which means that the organiser funds your participation to some extent. Some of the hottest programmes come with large financial benefits for you. Examples of these types of opportunities include internships in some international corporations and scholarships at universities.

  14. How do I apply to a programme? Do I need to contact HeySuccess? - +

    No, you do not need to contact us directly. The application receipt and selection process is completely done through the organisations that post on HeySuccess, and it is 100% under the control of the programme provider. We cannot influence it, so do not bother asking us to do it.

    However, since HeySuccess is not only interested in finding the right programmes for you but also helping you successfully apply for them, we provide you with tons of tips and bits of advice about how to go about it. Read about some of our champions here and become a rock star at submitting applications by using the guide ''Golden Rules for Applying''.

  15. Can you help me with my application? - +

    Yes, we can! In the guide ''Golden Rules for Applying''.

  16. Can you help me to find a specific international programme? - +

    We have already helped you by putting so many programmes at your fingertips. Start here and keep browsing programmes by using our powerful search engine and search filters to find the perfect opportunity.

  17. I have a programme that you do not have posted in the database. What should I do? - +

    Invite your organisation to post it on HeySuccess or simply send it to us at

  18. I cannot find a particular programme, but I am sure that it is there. What should I do? - +

    Use the keyword search, or filter the programme down to the region, field, or some other specific criteria. You will be able to source most programmes that way. 

    If you are still having trouble finding a particular programme, it is most likely because your criteria are different from the opportunity that you are looking for; your title or keywords may not be an exact match. Try several combinations of criteria. If you are desperate to find it, contact us.

  19. Can you tell me how to never miss a student programme or a deadline? - +

    Great question. Here is the answer!

  20. I like your website. How do I share it with my friends? - +

    There are a couple of ways:

    - When you browse international student programmes on HeySuccess, think about your friends too. We are sure you will find many cool programmes that your friends would enjoy. Share opportunities with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by simply sending them an email. You will find these sharing options on the posting for each programme.

    - Be active in our community. Engage with HeySuccess on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and your friends (including us) will see it.


  21. Is HeySuccess just a website, or do you have something else? - +

    No. We are much more, and you can be part of it. For example, you can be part of the HeySuccess Internship Challenge. This is a unique opportunity to gain real-life skills, be part of the unparalleled HeySuccess Network, and come into contact with some of the biggest global brands. For most of our alumni interns, this was a life-changing experience. Check out what their experience was like here.

    Further, you can utilize tons of tips and bits of knowledge that we provide to our users through the website, at our live events, through our social media channels, on our blog, and in our amazing newsletters.

  22. Does HeySuccess have a blog? - +

    Yes, it is here! If you want to become a guest blogger, send your sample stories and blog posts to

  23. Why do I have to upgrade to Premium in order to use HeySuccess? - +

    We bring our users over 20,000 programs (5,000 active at any given moment). We also generate tons of helpful resources: application tips, webinars, blog stories, and guides.

    In order to provide all of these things, we introduced a very small fee for students: only $3/month.

    For a full list of Premium features, check this page out!

  24. How can I persuade my university or organization to purchase Premium access for me and my fellow students? - +

    Check this page out, and read about the benefits of Premium access here. Your organization can give you access to the benefits of Premium access by contacting us at or by simply filling out the form on this page.

  25. How can I invite someone else to pay for my Premium upgrade? - +

    It is very simple! When you open the payment page, you will see the question, “Do you want someone else to pay for your upgrade?” Fill in the person’s Name and Surname along with their email address, and we will invite that person to purchase your Premium access. As soon as they do, we will notify you.

  26. Why should I save opportunities and search criteria? - +

    By saving opportunities and search settings, you can be sure that you will never miss a deadline or a great opportunity that matches your saved criteria.

  27. I am having a technical issue your website. What should I do? - +

    We are sorry about that! Please send an email to with as many details as possible regarding the issue, including: a snapshot; the browser you are using; and, a description of the action that caused the error.

  28. What is My List for? - +

    My List is the place on our website where you will find a ton of invaluable resources, such as webinars, practical guides, blog stories, and cases studies. In addition to the student opportunities that we list on our website, we also want to help you increase your application success rate. For that reason, our HR and business experts are here to share their tips and expertise alongside experience and insight from other HeySuccess champion users. Make sure that you check this section regularly, because we add new resources every week.

  29. What are Profile Interests? - +

    Profile Interests are shown on your academic and professional profile. You choose Interests based on your experience and skills. These Interests define the type of opportunities that will be featured for you, as well as the types of recruiters that find you in their search results.

  30. Why do I have to add social media accounts to my profile? - +

    The terms of using our website require you to link at least one of your social media accounts (e.g. Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Choose which one(s) you would like to share based on your personal style.

    This requirement serves another purpose: recruiters will be able to check you out and contact you through other media.

  31. I have more than one citizenship. Can I add more citizenships to my profile? - +

    In the current version of our product, it is possible to add up to two citizenships (one if you are a Starter user, and an additional one if you are Premium). In the case that you have two citizenships, we suggest that you upgrade to Premium so that you can add both.

    If you have more than two (which is extremely rare), you can either choose two of them to add, or you can create multiple accounts to cover all of them. With future versions of the website, we will add the option for up to five citizenships, with specific validation rules.

  32. My university in not in the list of pre-added universities. What should I do? - +

    No worries. Simply add the name of your university manually.

  33. I do not have a bank card to pay online for HeySuccess Premium membership. What should I do? - +

    No worries, because there are other options.

  34. Why the info about my student visa / resident permits is important to have in my profile? - +

    Great questions! Check out the answer here!

For companies and organizations

  1. What does HeySuccess offer to my organisation? - +

    We offer you the most valuable asset that your business can have: access to a pool of talented and motivated people. Most of the students that use HeySuccess can be tagged as being the best and most proactive young people globally. They are on HeySuccess because they are seeking ways to ensure a successful future for themselves and to satisfy other career goals. We are talking about some of the most dynamic members of the global student population. You want them because the success of your company or organisation depends on your ability to find and hire them.

    HeySuccess is growing fast. Every day we are reaching hundreds of newly registered users from different corners of the globe. Find out more here.

  2. Why should I use HeySuccess? - +

    If you have a student programme (e.g. a student conference, an internship) your options for advertising it are very limited. You can post it on your website, approach career services at individual universities, or you can try to use some local recruiting and job portals. In most cases, the number and diversity of applications will be insufficient. Even worse, you may only reach a limited geographic area, or the quality of the applications you receive will be unsatisfactory.

    You can avoid all of that by posting your international student programme on HeySuccess. Your posting will be visible to the very best of the best from your country or from other regions and continents. Potential applications are already motivated and ready to take part in your programme. Additionally, you can narrow the pool of candidates by setting application criteria and search parameters.

  3. What additional value do your products and services provide? - +

    It is all about talent. The world—the economy in particular—is changing. For most companies and organisations, running out of talent means being out of business. The ability to recruit people with skills and abilities early in their careers has become a vital element of organisational success. Further, borders are becoming meaningless. Global recruiting has become not only possible, but necessary.

    HeySuccess is the very best tool to recruit globally. Our student users are motivated to meet you, and they offer the skills that you are looking for. If you do not make use of HeySuccess’s talent pool, you can be sure that your competitors will.

  4. How do I search for international students at HeySuccess? - +

    By using our search engine. Simply type in the candidates you are looking for (e.g. “marketing graduates from Germany”) and we will list all of the candidates on HeySuccess that match your search. You can use the search filters for even more detailed searches.

    Search results are pulled from the vast number of students from around the world who have created their profiles on HeySuccess and who regularly update their CVs to catch the attention of recruiters. Searches of these profiles utilises a state-of-the-art technology called “Talent Index” that ensures that the best talent appears at the top of your results based on the skills and experience that you are looking for.

  5. I am interested in HeySuccess products for companies and organisations. Where can I find more information? - +

    You can read about the benefits of HeySuccess for companies and organisations here. If you have a question or would like additional information, let us know in the form below or simply send an email to


  1. Where are you located and how do I contact you? - +

    We are located in London, UK. You can easily reach us by email or phone (more information here). If you are keen on meeting us in person, just contact us to arrange a meeting with a good English tea. It will be our pleasure.

  2. How do you protect user and company data? - +

    We implement the highest standards for data security, which are in compliance with UK and EU laws. For more info about data security, see our Terms & Conditions.

  3. I want to become a part of HeySuccess! How do I do that? - +

    We (almost never) hire persons directly without them first having passed through the HeySuccess Internship Challenge. This programme is the perfect opportunity for us to meet you and for you to showcase your energy, talents, and overall amazing attitude which are the characteristics that we value most. Sometimes, we announce open positions here.

    Please, do not send us unsolicited applications without a job or internship position being advertised. Most certainly we will not respond to you.

  4. I am not satisfied with a product or service offered by HeySuccess, such as the website or customer service, or I am having a problem accessing products or services. What should I do? - +

    Please send us an e-mail:

    Although we are doing our best to satisfy you and provide you with the best products and customer service, we can sometimes make mistakes. Our people are not perfect; they can have bad days, and sometimes there is a misunderstanding. We apologise in advance. Just contact us with any issues that you have and we will do our best to fix it and make sure that you are happy with our services once again.