Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are student programs abroad and why are they so important? +

    They're skill-building programs abroad that are not only fun but extremely useful for your future. They can be anything from student conference and internship abroad, to graduate programmes, scholarships and student conferences.

    Now, why are they so important?

    Short answer: Because they’re fun and extremely useful for your future.

    Long answer: Student programs abroad are critical. Imagine a world where there are many more applications for each job posting than the number of positions offered—about ten times as many. That is the world we live in now, and it is the reality you will face after you graduate. One of the smartest things you can do during your studies is to rise above the masses and prepare yourself for the future after graduation. 

    International student programs are programs abroad that allow you to enhance your skills, learn about the world and your professional field, and meet many useful contacts and new friends. They include international internships, student conferences, graduate positions, and student competitions and projects. All of these programs are intended to grant additional knowledge and experiences. 

    The ability to show those international experiences and skills on your CV is critical for your future. Put yourself in the position of a typical HR manager who receives hundreds (if not thousands) of recent graduate applications for one position. What would you do? You would probably try to quickly filter out the applications that demonstrate little experience, leaving 5–10 remaining. In this initial phase, it is crucial that your CV has the elements that make it really stand out. Believe us: The most powerful thing is showing that you are a proactive person who goes the extra mile by taking part in additional educational and extracurricular activities during your studies.

    In addition to new skills and experiences, traveling abroad and participating in international student programs is a lot of fun. In comparison with just spending your entire studies at the same campus, international student experiences will create lifelong memories and friendships. 

    To sum up, by effectively using your time in school, including taking part in international student programs, you will:

    • Acquire useful and practical knowledge, and boost your CV above the average
    • Become an elite graduate who is extremely attractive to anyone hiring students or recent graduates 
    • Make many international connections and encounter amazing young people, future job opportunities and society leaders from many different countries
    • Open up new opportunities. You’ll probably be overwhelmed by the number of opportunities you can pursue!
    • Open your mind more than reading a book or watching a documentary ever could. The memories of your experiences will stay with you for the rest of your life.
    • Above all, you will have fun discovering the world.

    So, getting a degree is fine and the college experience is amazing, but those things are not enough! You need more, and international student programs offer something above and beyond a college education.

  2. I don’t have money to participate in internships and student programs abroad. +

    You don’t need to be from a rich family or a rich country in order to participate. Many student programs abroad are cheap, free or even fully funded (meaning they cover all your costs of travel and participation). 

    One of the most widespread myths among students is that going abroad for education or work experience is very expensive. But it’s actually not in most cases. There are also programs that even cover all costs (airfare, accommodation, living expenses), and we call them fully funded programs. However, try to not concentrate only on fully funded programs, or you’ll be missing many other life-changing opportunities.

    And in case you are not selected for a fully funded program, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to find money for your education, trips and internships abroad. You can download it here.

    Finally, many young people have managed to fundraise thousands for their education and trips abroad (you will meet some of them in the guide). We believe you can do the same, if you work hard!

  3. Do I need to be a member of any student organizations in order to participate in global youth events? +

    Of course not. In most cases, you apply as an individual—no need to be a member of any student organization. You just need to be a student or recent graduate.
    However, especially in the beginning of your studies, it may be useful to become a member of a student organization in order to gain initial contacts, concrete practical experience, skills and the first boost of self-confidence. While you are a member of a student organization, always strive to another level of extracurricular activities: internships, student conferences, competitions and study abroad experiences.

  4. My resume (CV) is empty, and I haven’t had much experience. Do I have any chance of being selected? +

    Even Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg had empty CVs at one point. In fact, this is the question we receive from our users on a daily basis. So, we added detailed tips on how to create a great resume even if you have no internship or work experience. You can download the HeySuccess step-by-step guide for writing exceptional resumes here.

    If you want a summarized answer: Use every opportunity you can get to improve your CV, including local activities and workshops, volunteering, conferences, projects with school friends, student conferences, online courses (MOOCs), etc.

  5. What about language requirements? English is not my native language. +

    For the simple reason that you are reading these FAQs, we assume that your English is already at a satisfactory level. As time goes on, it’s key to continue improving your English to eventually be ready to work and function in even native English-speaking communities. There are thousands of ways to improve your English. Our recommendations are Effortless English, italki, Sensational English and BBC English.

    Also, it will be very useful to become fluent in one additional language depending on your career field, for example French for international politics and diplomacy fields, German for engineering and business fields, or any other language of your target career destination. 

  6. Are student programs safe? Could I become involved in some kind of dangerous or criminal activity? +

    In our many years of experience, we have never come across any illegal activities or even any inconveniences that students have experienced while participating in these programs. However, it is important for you to always read the program description carefully and check other sources, such as websites and previous student experiences, to ensure that you understand what the opportunity entails and whether it is something you would be comfortable doing.

    Although the HeySuccess technology and team are pretty capable in blocking any suspicious and spam student programs, we still cannot guarantee every single program out of the over 30,000 programs we publish every year. Learn more about this in the Terms & Conditions.

    However, if any program you find on HeySuccess feels off and seems suspicious to you, please send it to our quality assurance team at, and we will check it for you.

  7. My university schedule does not allow me to participate in internships, conferences and projects abroad. Further, my professors will not let me be absent that much. What should I do? +

    We have heard this so many times, but very often we found out that professors are more understanding of students’ international extracurricular activities than students are willing to hustle to present professors with what they need.

    But there are many young people who successfully manage to balance their academic life with internships and other extracurricular activities abroad. Don’t let scheduling constraints be a barrier for you. With confidence, we can say that there are ways to work around academic schedules.

    Besides the 2–3 months of breaks you have during the year, you can seek out ways to get free days to travel abroad during the academic term. For example, you can have someone record or take notes for your lectures so you won’t miss anything while you are away. To improve your time management skills and get more done in a day, check out this article.

  8. Do I need many documents for my application? +

    The most common requirements are resume, cover letter and answers to specific application questions. However, there are many different programs with different application questions. For that reason, always check each program’s application requirements before you start preparing your application. 

  9. How do I apply for international conferences, internships, scholarships...? +

    The most important step to ensure you never miss any opportunity or deadline is to keep scrolling your Wall whenever you can. You can save programs you like by pressing the + button, and we will remind you five days before the deadline.

    Also, feel free to use the HeySuccess search engine to look for specific programs, for example, paid internships in Europe. If you want to ensure you never miss any future paid internship in Europe, save those search criteria and we will inform you every three weeks about newly added opportunities that match your search.

    Here is the full guide about the two super useful features.

    Then for each opportunity you’re interested in applying to, read their detailed description carefully and start preparing the application.

    Probably the most important resource in order to increase your application success rapidly is our guide “Golden Rules of Applying” that will teach you the ten crucial principles when it comes to writing great applications. You can download it here.

  10. How do I write a great resume? +

    The HeySuccess step-by-step guide on writing exceptional resumes is the best resource to write a great resume. The guide is packed with unique and actionable tips created by our career experts. You can download it here.

  11. How do I write a great cover letter? +

    The HeySuccess step-by-step guide on writing exceptional cover letters is the best resource to write a great cover letter. You can download it here.

  12. I made it to the interview stage. How do I best prepare? +

    Congratulations! Take a few minutes to celebrate being on the short list of candidates! 

    If you are anxious about an upcoming interview, this expert’s advice will help.

    After celebrating this small success, it’s time to start preparing for that interview. Check here for how to answer the most common internship interview questions. At the very least, you should know what to do and what not to do during the interview.

    Most importantly, relax and speak honestly. Always keep in mind that there are dozens of thousands of opportunities out there if you aren’t selected for this one. If you give it your best and you are selected, that’s great! However, if you give it your best and are not selected, it will be a learning experience. Read here about how to take rejection positively.

  13. How can I start improving my chances of getting selected for international programs FROM NOW? +

    That is a great question! You are lucky to have the motivation to start improving yourself from today. It’s such an important question that we decided to write a blog story about it. You can find it here.

  1. What is HeySuccess and what exactly are you offering? +

    HeySuccess is the largest youth platform globally, with both opportunities and users in over 180 countries around the world.

    It’s a global hub for student programs abroad, helping you—the student or recent graduate—to quickly filter through and find student programs from every corner of the world. We also help global brands, international companies, universities, international organizations, big NGOs and the like in their quest to find you.

    HeySuccess consists of the web platform (where you are right now), an international program database (which works in the background) and a network of our partners and affiliated organizations that we hope you’ll meet by applying for and taking part in the programs and activities posted on our website.

    Learn more about HeySuccess here

    If you are a company or organization looking to attract international talent, check this page out.

  2. How are you different from other websites? +

    Before HeySuccess, the methods for finding student opportunities abroad were still in the Stone Age. Students had to waste an enormous amount of time searching Google and messy youth portals with very few opportunities offered. Even with the huge time investment, students would still miss 99% of the other opportunities never published by those tiny portals.

    Here is why HeySuccess is the largest and most loved youth platform in the world:

    Thanks to our innovative technologies, we are capable of sourcing 200–300 times more opportunities than any other similar alternative (20 vs. 5000 active opportunities). You won’t miss opportunities—only with HeySuccess. 

    Each user only sees opportunities where he is eligible to apply based on his citizenship. No wasting time on opportunities that aren’t for you.

    Thanks to our innovative features, you never miss any new opportunities or deadlines.

    We are the only youth platform in the world that offers 1-on-1 support led by career experts specialized in international programs.

    NO ADS
    We hate annoying banner ads too. Enjoy a 100% ad-free experience on HeySuccess.

    Every year, we connect 15,000+ students to opportunities all over the world.

    Our HQ is based in London, UK, from where we create a global impact with students, universities and companies.

  3. Why do I have to upgrade to Premium in order to use HeySuccess? +

    Three main reasons:

    1. In order to be able to offer all those opportunities, resources, and 1-on-1 career support from our experts, it costs us lots of financial resources. Therefore, it’s not possible to offer all those great features entirely for free, but we can with minimal cost to our members (less than a cup of coffee each month).

    2. We receive feedback from our corporate partners telling us that if their programs are completely unlocked to everyone, they receive a ton of spam and low-quality applications.

    3. We always want to ensure that we maintain the highest quality of our services to both our users as well as our corporate clients. That is possible only if our platform is not open to unlimited numbers of members.

    However, we are proud to say that we managed to set a very low price (less than a cup of coffee each month). For that low price, we offer tremendous career value and at the same time ensure high quality for both our users and corporate clients.

  4. I don’t have a card to pay for my HeySuccess Premium upgrade. What can I do? +

    No worries! Check out these options. If you tried all of them and none worked for you, feel free to contact us at and we will find a solution.

  5. How can I invite someone else to pay for my Premium upgrade? +

    It’s very simple! When you open the payment page, you will see the question “Do you want someone else to pay for your upgrade?” Fill in the person’s name and surname along with their email address, and we will invite that person to purchase your Premium access. As soon as they do, we will notify you.

  6. Can you help find the right program for me? +

    We’ve already helped you by putting so many programs right at your fingertips. Start here and keep browsing programs by using our powerful search engine and search filters to find the perfect opportunity.

  7. Do I get paid for participating in international student programs? +

    In some cases, yes. In fact, around 40%–50% of the programs on HeySuccess are either fully or partially funded, which means that the organizer funds your participation to some extent including participation fee, salaries and very often even airfare. Some of the hottest programs come with large financial benefits for you. Examples of these types of opportunities include internships in some international corporations and scholarships at universities.

  8. How do I apply to a program? Do I need to contact HeySuccess? +

    No, you do not need to contact us directly. The application and selection process is completely done through the organizations that post on HeySuccess, and it is 100% under the control of the program provider. We cannot influence it, so don’t bother asking us.

    However, since HeySuccess is not only interested in finding the right programs for you but also helping you successfully apply for them, we provide you with tons of tips and bits of advice on how to go about it. Triple your chances of getting selected by using the guide ''Golden Rules for Applying.''

  9. Can you help me with my application? +

    Yes, if you are a Premium user, feel free to use our Virtual Career Centre. Our career experts specialized in international programs are more than happy to assist you with your applications.

  10. I have just signed up to HeySuccess Premium! What are the next steps? +

    The first and most important step is to set up notifications in order to never miss any new opportunity that matches your desired search criteria. Here is how.

    Also, whenever you find a program that you like, make sure you save it by pressing the + button. We will inform you five days before the deadline.

    Finally, check out the HeySuccess practical guides to increase your chances of getting selected.

    If you get stuck with anything and need help, our kind career counselor will be more than happy to assist you in our Virtual Career Centre.

  11. I have more than one citizenship. Can I add more citizenships to my profile? +

    In the current version of our product, it is possible to add up to two citizenships (one if you are a Free user and an additional one if you are Premium). In the case that you have two citizenships, we suggest that you upgrade to Premium so that you can add both. 

    If you have more than two (which is extremely rare), you can either choose two of them to add or you can create multiple accounts to cover all of them. With future versions of the website, we will add the option for up to five citizenships, with specific validation rules.

  12. What if I live abroad in a country that’s different from my citizenship? +

    Then you are in an even better position! For example, let’s say you are from the United Kingdom but are studying in Canada. If you are a legal resident of Canada, then you are also eligible for most of the programs targeting Canadian citizens. This means that even more opportunities are available to you. Seize the chance to include this information in the “Residence permit/student visa” section on your profile! 

    Plus, if you have more than one citizenship (we once met a guy who had four ), feel free to add your additional citizenships to your profile.

  13. How can I never miss a new student program or deadline? +

    Great question. Here is the answer!

  14. I am having a technical issue with your website. What should I do? +

    We are sorry about that. Please send an email to (Subject: Bug report) with as many details as possible regarding the issue, including a snapshot, the browser you are using and a description of the action that caused the error. Our IT team will quickly fix the issue.

  15. How can I contribute to your blog with my story? +

    We would be glad to feature your story to inspire others. Please send us more information to our content team at, and we will be more than happy to let the world know your inspiring story. 

  16. I got selected to a program abroad thanks to HeySuccess! How to thank you? +

    Just send us an email to, and we’d love to share a small gift with you for letting us know.

  1. We have a great program that we want to promote. Can you help us? +

    If you are looking for students or graduates from abroad, we can help you attract plenty of international talent to your programs. Please let us know more information about your program here, and we will get back to you if we would be a great fit to help you.

  2. How targeted can your marketing campaign be? +

    Due to a large number of users with diverse backgrounds and locations, we can filter your promotion to specific audiences to fit your recruitment needs. Please find more info here.

  3. We are a university—how can we grant access to HeySuccess to all of our students? +

    We would be more than happy to welcome your university in our International Career Centre network. Find more info and request a free demo here.


  1. Where are you located and how do I contact you? +

    We are located in London, UK. You can easily reach us by email (more information here).

  2. How do you protect user and company data? +

    We’ve implemented the highest standards for data security, which are in compliance with UK (The UK's Information Commissioner's Office) and EU (GDPR) laws . For more info about data security, see our Terms & Conditions.

  3. I am not satisfied with a product or service offered by HeySuccess, such as the website or customer service, or I am having a problem accessing products or services. What should I do? +

    Please send us an email: 

    Although we are doing our best to satisfy you and provide you with the best products and customer service, we can sometimes make mistakes. Our people are not perfect; they can have bad days, and sometimes there is a misunderstanding. We apologize in advance. Just contact us with any issues you have, and we will do our best to fix it and make sure that you are happy with our services once again.