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The HS Internship Challenge is the most unique program for self-discovery to:
Learn real life skills
Through practical assignments accompanied by constant mentorship and feedback, you learn tangible skills in fields like performance marketing, project management, public speaking, leadership, the art of negotiation, software quality assurance, teamwork, and more. You’re able to not only discover your inner talent and the field you enjoy most but also target a specific field where you would like to focus your internship.
Acquire international professional experience
International experiences are now a must-have requirement in the modern workplace. The HS Internship Challenge is the quickest way to acquire precious international experience and global awareness as well as the unique opportunity to work with bright young people from many different countries, cultures and professional backgrounds.
Save time and money (and nerves)
We don’t have a long, over-competitive internship application process. Get international internship experience without expensive trips abroad and without pausing your academic studies.
Quick facts about the HS
Internship Challenge:
From 74
470 international group projects completed
13 new skills learned per intern on average
One of our two main purposes for the HeySuccess Internship Challenge is to expose our interns to both entrepreneurial and corporate experience. That means passing along all the know-how we acquired from building our company from scratch into the largest student platform in the world and solving specific business problems for big multinational corporations like Schneider Electric, Daimler, IKEA, and Bayer.

Here are some projects and skills that you can choose to work on during the HS Internship Challenge:
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How does it work?
Apply here: simple and quick application process.
Get the application outcome within two weeks, along with your internship starting dates.
Pay participation fee and sign the internship contract.
Enjoy your internship experience.
Receive recognition from a UK-based company with a detailed recommendation letter signed by our CEO. Feel free to put your internship experience on your LinkedIn profile and get our LinkedIn recommendation as well.
We hope to see you in London, or anywhere else abroad! The best ranked interns will receive a fully funded trip abroad to meet other best performing interns in person.
Frequently asked questions
  1. Am I eligible to participate in this internship? +

    If you are aged 15-28, proactive, willing to learn new skills and interested in the world outside of your own home country, you sound like a good fit! However, in order to assess your personalized eligibility, please submit your application below, and we will get back to you soon.

  2. Why is there a participation fee of £1200? +

    Some of our previous internship challenges were free of charge. Since organization and management of each challenge requires a significant time and financial investment on our end, we had to expect intern contributions in return that were useful for our company. That was very difficult to deliver within 3 months. We also realized that the Internship Challenge has the best impact on their career when interns are free to do projects of their own choosing, that don’t necessarily generate a direct positive return for our company.

    In addition, we lowered the internship participation fee as much as possible so that it still costs a fraction of a typical internship abroad.

  3. Can my university pay my participation fee? +

    Yes, sure! In your application, mention that your university will pay the participation fee for you, and we will send further instructions.

  4. How will other companies value this internship experience? +

    So far, we’ve had over 216 interns take part in the HeySuccess Internship Challenge. We received a ton of positive feedback from them telling us that their employers were amazed with the tangible results they achieved during the internship as well as the intensive international experience they got so early in their career. Here are just some of the companies where our alumni interns got jobs and other opportunities: Apple, Google, the United Nations, Stanford University, Mastercard, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Danone, McCann, Allianz...

  5. How can I communicate this experience on my resume? +

    To give you an idea, here are some examples of how some of our interns communicated their internship on their resume:

    Internship at HeySuccess Ltd.
    London & Online
    January 2020 - April 2020

    The HS Internship Challenge is a unique international internship experience in which interns work on many different business challenges and, through constant mentorship and feedback sessions, acquire practical skills in areas like marketing, project management, public speaking and international teamwork. Here are my most important achievements:

    • I built a comprehensive marketing campaign that resulted in a 25% increase in site-unique visitors and 61% increase in social media engagement within a month.
    • Together with my team members from Brazil, Japan and Sweden, I delivered a solution to multinational company Schneider Electric for how they could make their buildings smarter, more sustainable and incorporate new technologies.
    • I learned how to create a highly engaging presentation and delivered a public speech in front of 100 attendants.
    • Human resources: Thanks to the mentorship I received from career experts, I learned how to write a successful resume and acquire exceptional talent for my team. My HR skills were tested with real users from France, whom I helped with career planning and their resumes. I received a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for my work.

    Internship at HeySuccess.com
    London (UK) & Online
    June 2019 - September 2019

    The HeySuccess Internship Challenge is a life-changing internship experience where I had a chance to work with other exceptional interns from over 20 countries on practical business challenges. Here are some of my achievements:

    • Social media marketing: I learned everything from how to create engaging social media posts and viral videos to how to use social media analytics. As a result, my posts increased page engagement by 23% within the first two weeks.
    • Project management: Within a short period of time and together with my international team, I had to prepare, plan and execute a concrete software project. I learned how to make the most of limited time resources while communicating with colleagues from very different cultural and professional backgrounds.
    • I delivered a business-tech case study to Daimler on how to improve in-car experiences for Mercedes-Benz car passengers.
  6. Can I do this internship alongside my university studies? +

    Absolutely! That is the whole point of the HeySuccess Internship Challenge. The internship program is carefully planned to fit your busy university schedule. Therefore, unlike with many other internships, there is no need to pause your studies, use up your summer, or waste time on long and tiring internship application procedures.

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