Are you looking for students or graduates from abroad? Let us help you attract plenty of international talent to your programs!
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Some of the organizations that hired talent from abroad through our channels:
As the world becomes more globalized, it should be easier than ever to recruit talent from abroad. We all know that there is a worldwide wealth of student and graduate talent out there, with diverse skills, interests and experiences.

Yet are you still lacking enough qualified candidates for your study programs, internships, conferences, scholarships or competitions? Do you feel like your postings are going unnoticed or getting lost in the chaos of so many recruitment websites, career fairs, social networks and social media campaigns?

Let us help you!
Why does HeySuccess: Attract Talent work?
Bypass fragmented recruiting systems
Save money and time by using a single recruiting channel with worldwide reach instead of many local and regional marketing channels like career fairs, local platforms and local contacts.
Laser-focused targeting
Due to a big number of users with diverse backgrounds and locations, we can filter your promotion to specific audiences to fit your recruitment needs.
Reserve your talent
Build your brand reputation among the upcoming brightest talents and reserve them before they even graduate (the global war for the best and brightest talent is fierce)
Tap into our global university network
If your programs fit certain criteria, in addition to multiple regular marketing channels, they will be promoted to our network of over 70+ universities in Europe and North America.
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