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Are you looking for students from abroad?
We place a global pool of the brightest talent at your fingertips!

As the world becomes more globalized, it should be easier than ever to recruit talent from abroad. We all know that there is a worldwide wealth of student and graduate talent out there, with diverse skills, interests, and experiences.

Yet, are you still lacking qualified candidates for your internships, conferences, scholarships, and projects? Do you feel like your postings are going unnoticed, or getting lost in the chaos of so many recruitment websites, career fairs, social networks, and e-mail campaigns?

HeySuccess offers the most comprehensive access to a global pool of proactive and hard-working talent, allowing you to:

  Promote your programs and realize higher conversion of quality candidates.

  Bypass fragmented recruiting systems, and save time and money using a single recruiting channel with worldwide reach.

  Recruit at regional and global scales, and target specific audiences based on your needs.

  Build relationships with eager students and graduates before they are recruited elsewhere, and reserve the brightest talent before they even graduate.

  Utilize the the innovative HeySuccess package of tools to increase your brand awareness around the world.

FEATURE Starter Unlimited Talent Search Premium Talent Reach Ultimate Talent Recruiting
Create account Create a profile, and showcase your organization to talent from across the globe.
Access personalized wall Search for Talent worldwide. Students are listed to the Companies based on their accomplishments and background. 
Post program to students You can post programs to our database, and you can define target student groups. 
Talent search using Talent Index Technology Limited Only limited number of student search results is visible. With full access to our Talent Index Technology, you can filter thousands of students based on background, accomplishments, and interests, save your searches, and add notes to saved profiles in your archive.  Unlimited for 10+ program campaignsOnce you have conducted 10 or more program campaigns with HeySuccess, you will have full access to our Talent Index Technology. With fewer than 10 campaigns, only limited number of student search results is visible.
Connect with Talent and other organizations Limited Unlimited connections from your social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), and up to 6 student and company connections through HeySuccess. Unlimited connections from your social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) and through HeySuccess.
Access Success Resources Limited Limited access to guides, blogs, success stories, and webinars produced by HR and business experts, champion HeySuccess users, and successful graduates. Unlimited access to guides, blogs, success stories, and webinars produced by HR and business experts, champion HeySuccess users, and successful graduates.
Featured at World Series     Your program receives special featuring in results for elite students in our exclusive World Series programs.
Program featured on HeySuccess homepage     Your program is featured prominently on our homepage, with special branding, to achieve higher visibility and conversion.
Appear on Wall of students with background match     Your program is matched to students’ interests and background according to your criteria, and the program is presented to those candidates on their Wall.
Program featured at the top of student search results     Your program appears at the top of students’ search results, guaranteeing higher conversion up to 10x greater than other programs. 
Premium social media reach (our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)     You have more direct visibility in a highly engaged community of international student talent. Your presence is tailored to your organization’s specific marketing goals. 
Premium branding (our Instagram and blog stories)       You are featured on our branding channels, guaranteeing high visibility and long-term impact in the international student community. Companies and universities featured on these channels are recognized as institutions of choice for students.
Live talks       AvailableConduct live webinars that reach the most engaged subset of our student talent in a direct and personalized way.
Hosted events       AvailableHost events throughout the world that achieve the highest level of direct marketing and brand awareness. So far, HeySuccess has organized around 70 events in more than 40 countries around the globe.

Recent Customers


“ HeySuccess has brought us 3,846 unique website visitors for one of our biggest campaigns, which is a very good result and I am happy about the effectiveness of our marketing cooperation. We have had a long-lasting relationship with HeySuccess! ”
- Nadiya Dyekina, Project Manager
“ The HeySuccess team was always very responsive and helpful to our team's needs. They did everything they could to ensure that our campaign was a success! ”
- Elizabeth Alexander, Marketing Manager
“ HeySuccess promotion contributed to strong growth in the number of applications for the annual One Young World Summit, helping us find many quality candidates from all over the world. Additionally, the Live Webinar they organized for us was great. Highly recommended! ”
- Matthew Belshaw, Associate Director for Community Relations
“ As a result of using the HeySuccess promo tools in preparation of the International Youth Forum Seliger, we received three times more applications than last year. ”
- Alexander Selivanov, Chief Executive Officer
“ HeySuccess attracted 246 applications in only 2 days for our internship programme. Unbelievable results! ”
- Harry Mitsidis, Chief Executive Officer
“ Promotion of our internship through HeySuccess was pure magic–they brought us high quality applications for our programme and helped us to select the best. We are very happy with their service. Highly recommended! ”
- Katie Lewis, Business Development Manager

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