About Us

Paid internship in Germany, scholarship for studies in Japan, summer school in the USA, graduate job at the UN in Switzerland… we bring this world to the fingertips of every college student.

Before HeySuccess, finding student opportunities abroad was very time consuming and the privilege of wealthy kids who could afford expensive agencies.

We have created the technology and network of partnerships that make it possible to bring thousands of global student programs to a single platform in a real time. Precisely:

It's important to mention that those opportunities, originating from over 150 countries, are those that TRULY recruit international candidates from all over the world.

We believe that a university education is very important, but it’s far from enough in our highly competitive and globalized world. HeySuccess makes our users the most popular in the job market because of their prestigious international experiences.

Quick facts about us:

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom Students connected to opportunities: 12,367
Opportunities abroad generated: 38,483 Members based in: 165 countries

Who started HeySuccess?

HeySuccess began as the vision of one person, Milenko Pilic, whose life has been changed by global student opportunities.
Although Milenko’s starting position wasn’t relatively high, international programs allowed him to live and work in seven countries (Greece, the United States, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, and the United Kingdom) and visit over 40 countries for different professional experiences and study abroad programs.

Instead of accepting any of the job offers he received before graduation, he decided to launch his own company and help millions of other young people make the most of their 20s. Milenko has named the emerging group of successful, globally minded graduates the “Millennial Champions.”

Today, HeySuccess is a global brand that helps hundreds of thousands of students every day as they work to achieve their dreams. We have been recognized and supported by UK Trade & Investment, One Young World, several private investors, and Ms. Gianna Angelopoulos (CEO of the 2004 Athens Olympics), among others. We have been featured on BBC, CNN, Forbes, TEDx, CNBC and The Huffington Post.

Our vision is to put opportunities at the fingertips of each student in the world, and a global talent pool at the fingertips of every recruiter.