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What is the HeySuccess Internship Challenge?

The HeySuccess Internship Challenge is unique and exceptional. It is an opportunity to work as an intern from your home city, without moving anywhere or spending any resources (except your time and creativity).

More concretely, during this eight-week internship you will work with young people from all over the world on practical tasks: social media marketing and planning of a marketing campaign for a concrete brand, event management, and public speaking.

Every week you will earn new points and you can follow your current ranking in comparison to other interns.

At the end of the season, all of those tasks do not go to waste. You will use everything that you created and learned in order to rock your final assignment.

The HeySuccess Internship Challenge is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain real-life skills, work with extraordinary young people from over 80 countries, engage in professional development, and win amazing awards. All of this from the comfort of your home! You can still participate in this opportunity while full-time in university. There's no need to wait until summer break for an amazing internship.

What are benefits of participating in the HeySuccess Internship Challenge?

  1. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with young people from over 80 countries - +

    You won’t just learn how to communicate effectively with your new colleagues from various cultural backgrounds, you will also learn how to deal with huge time differences (Emer from Mexico knows how cool it was working with his team who were in four completely different time zones).

    You will also make life-time friends from all over the world. Read George's story about how he met other interns after the HeySuccess Internship. 

  2. You will learn a lot - +

    HeySuccess is a technology company based in London. We started from scratch and everything you see here we built through trial and error, passion, and a lot of invested time and effort.

    Our goal is to pass most of what we have learned onto you. Everything that you do is housed in the Internship modules, where you will have your tasks, including marketing, human resources, PR, advertising, sales, social media marketing, data management, and lot more. Moreover, some of the tasks will inevitably boost your confidence and open you to new horizons for creativity and success.

  3. Recommendation letters - +

    If you are successful in accomplishing your tasks in our internship program, you will receive a special Recommendation Letter signed by CEO Milenko Pilic and signed/stamped by our company. This is not a generic recommendation letter. We make sure that we address everyone's skills and contributions in a personalized manner. Our recommendation letters have been very positively received by employers. In most cases, they pay the most attention to the time an intern spent working with HeySuccess. Here’s why: our Internship Program is fun and interesting, but it is also serious and demanding. We don't give them away to anyone—when we grant it, we mean it. So that piece of paper, paired with the irreplaceable experience from HeySuccess, has changed the lives of dozens of interns from previous seasons. Many of them received amazing job offers, had travel opportunities, were accepted to competitive educational programs, and were accepted to other internships. Read experiences from previous seasons.


  4. Fully sponsored trips - +

    The most recent example is the HeySuccess Delegation at the World Youth Forum in Seliger, Russia. Based on their contribution, the delegation members received a fully funded trip to Russia (air tickets included). Experience their adventure here!

    Our most successful interns from Season I (see here) also had this opportunity. Many other interns were selected for amazing fully sponsored trips as a result of the HeySuccess Internship (for example Ana and George from Season II).

    Fully funded trips cannot be guaranteed in advance, since they depend on availability.

Previous Seasons

  1. Season 1 - +

    This was the very first edition of the HeySuccess Internship Challenge. Not only were the interns brand new, but everything else was: website, internship rules, tasks… This was a Season where we tried many various concepts applied to the internships and for that reason it was the longest season ever (8 months – believe it or not). Since it was very long Season, we had a few cycles: from splitting interns into specific groups (Marketing, Data Management, HR team…) to a form which looks very similar to the current Internship Season’s format. The most successful interns from this season (Maxim, Valia, Natasa, Ana…) had an opportunity to travel to Russia on all costs covered trip. That was an amazing season!

    Winner: Vanessa Wang (Taiwan)

    Other interns from the season

  2. Season 2 - +

    The long expected Season Two was two months long, with a new HeySuccess site and upgraded internship program. And yes, the coolest things were local HeySuccess conferences organized by interns in their countries. This internship season started exactly on the New Year Eve, and first tasks were in that spirit: working on a design and short marketing message for New Year’s wishes to the world (this one was our favorite). Then, interns were split into teams that randomly consisted of people from completely different cultures ;-) And then the real Party started! After mastering a social media marketing and teamwork (with people from completely different time zones and cultures), interns received an even more exciting (and demanding task): develop a complete marketing campaign for the HeyStart brand. Of course, before doing so we provided them a high-class marketing education and we have to admit that some of the brightest marketing talents have arisen as a result of this task. For example, Demetris from Cyprus mastered real marketing skills so highly that after the internship he received job offers from three brands to develop their complete marketing campaign and branding.

    Again, we are very proud of all the local HeySuccess conferences organized by our interns in this season, for example in Taiwan, USA, Greece

    Additionally, we are proud of all the interns who completed the internship season successfully, with many of them being awarded fully-funded trips to Russia, Australia, United Kingdom (Anna T, Tailien, Ana N, Vicky, Loannis…), more internships (Ivana..), and job offers (Kath, Yasmeen, Apostolos…).

    That was indeed an exceptional group of interns, and they will always stay not in the HeySuccess history, but part of our hearts!

    Winner: George Tan (USA), Tai-Lien Shen (Taiwan)

    This was difficult! During the whole season, the interns ranked in the top five positions were constantly a subject of change. This lasted until the end, and the final result between two interns was very close, so we decided to announce two winners! Again, our winners were from Asia (George is Malaysian residing in the USA), and we will see if in the upcoming seasons anyone from other continents manages to win the internship challenge.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here are two amazing winners from the Season II:

    Other interns from the season

  3. Season 3 - +

    The shortest season so far (only 14 days long), first one which was devoted to a concrete brand (UK Government) with one unique task for all interns: to organize the UK Government Sirius Programme’s presentation. From day one, they worked on their public speaking skills, the presentation’s venue, and the marketing for the event. Season III was an experiment for us, to see how quickly we can organize everything and rock local presentations around the Globe. The result was awesome, the first successful presentation was held after only seven days. We enjoyed every minute of this short Season and we are looking forward to again rocking local presentations around the Globe in that short notice.

    Winner: Because it was that short Internship Season, with one unique task, we decide to not have a winner of this Season. Actually, everyone who completed the Internship Challenge was a winner. Indeed, those

    Other interns from the season

  4. Season 4 - +

    This was very exciting Season with many new projects completed! The Season kicked off in last days of January 2015 and interns immediately got a very cool task: to improve the resume of a random person from a random country. After getting an initial education on how a killer resume should look, they got a random person (the draw was broadcasted LIVE from Korea here) to improve his or her resume. We saw some of the most unbelievable teams here, like a person from Barbados and Bosnia working on improving resume from a person from Russia. We shook up the world with this global cooperation of young people (read the details here);

    Also, the Season IV was the very first Season where we had three HR interns who were working directly with over 70 interns. Let me introduce you those three exceptional young people:


    Among many other challenges, learning experiences, team work and special missions; I liked it most when our interns were working together to organizing this webinar. As you can see here, the success of the webinar was enormous along with our interns working from completely different locations to deliver our awesome webinar to hundreds of young people around the globe.

     Needless to say that this Seasons discovered some of the best hidden inborn talents. In that manner, some of our interns delivered some of the most stunning local HeySuccess events we have ever seen. They were able to demonstrate their event management skills at a high professional level. For example: Lisa & Kao in Taiwan, Nawal from Algeria, Alexandros & Anca in Greece, Rienta & Marselina & Annur from Indonesia and Ahsan from Pakistan. It was unbelievable to see once more how many things young people can achieve only with a hard-working and positive attitude.


    Winner: Alexander (Greece)

    Other interns from the season

  5. How can I join the next season of the HeySuccess Internships? - +

    Just fill out this form, and we will get back to you as soon as we open the new season. Usually, we organize three seasons annually, but sometimes it can be more frequent.