1 Million Arab Coders Initiative

The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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  • Online
  • United Arab Emirates


GET READY FOR THE JOBS OF TOMORROW - Join One Million Arabs on their journey to become professional software developers. Master the craft on a FREE online platform with exceptional courses.


How it works

  • Enrollment: Select a trackof your choice, sign up, and take the course for Free
  • Participation certificate: Learn the basics of coding in just 2 weeks and get certified for participating
  • Completion Certificate: Complete the course within 6 months and get certified for completing


  • Full-Stack Web Development: Wonder how social networks, video platforms and e-commerce sites are built? Learn how to develop scalable web applications with this track. 
  • Android Basics: Curious about how mobile apps work? Got an app idea you'd like to make? This track empowers you with all the skills you need. 
  • Front-End Development: Want to build beautiful, responsive web and mobile interfaces that leave audiences in awe? Learn the craft with this in-depth developer track.
  • Data Analysis: Data science is the hottest field in the tech industry dealing with extracting wondrous insights from tons of data. Learn this unique art with this track. 
  • Microsoft Courses: With an exclusive learning path for Arab Coders, we are offering an intensive curriculum to prepare Arab Coders to develop solutions on the Cloud.


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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Online Certifications: Get high-quality online courses & certifications
  • Cash Prizes: $1,000,000 for the 1st winner, $50,000 for the top 5 graduates
  • Scholarships: Nanodegree scholarships for the top 1000 students
  • Job Opportunities: Internships, job opportunities and startup support programs
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