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Founded by a group of cross-disciplinary students frustrated with the unexpressed potential for startups in the university environment, the initial 3 Day Startup program took place at the University of Texas in 2008. That inaugural program gave rise to Famigo, the first of many 3DS companies to raise venture capital and release a successful product. 3 Day Startup’s mission is to activate entrepreneurial potential in students of all kinds through experiential education and a global entrepreneurship ecosystem. Elevate your entrepreneurial ecosystem and bring the world's best entrepreneurship education program to your school.


The student organization incorporated as a nonprofit in 2010 and began expansion to universities across the globe. While early programs focused on strictly technology- and web-enabled startups, demand has led the team to expand the program to function across broader entrepreneurial endeavors. Schools have hosted 3DS programs focused on themes such as social innovation, energy, culinary, hardware, and more.

Foregoing a grant-supported model, the founders developed an earned-revenues strategy—3DS charges universities, governments, and corporations to deliver programs—which allowed the organization to grow in a scalable and sustainable way while preserving mission autonomy. Running 3DS as a successful business operation keeps entrepreneurship in the organizational DNA and allows the organization to remain faithful to the philosophy of learning-by-doing.

What Happens at a 3 Day Startup?

Students progress through a series of modules in a learning-by-doing environment that include:

  • Ideation
  • Team Formation
  • Customer Discovery
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Pitch Workshops



University Programs

3 Day Startup delivers intensive, hands-on entrepreneurship education programs to students at colleges and university campuses across the globe.

We have been developing our curriculum across 11 years, at over 500 programs, in over 150 schools. And over that time, our network of student entrepreneurs and mentors has grown to over 15,000.

Using the data collected from each of these programs, we have created a structure that activates the entrepreneurial potential of college and university students and helps them go from early-stage idea to viable venture over three days.

Bringing a 3 Day Startup program to your school is not just committing to a 3-day bootcamp. 3DS is a tested, proven model geared towards growing and developing your entrepreneurial ecosystem for students of all disciplines and backgrounds.

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