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We’re a global early-stage VC enabling the world’s most brilliant and determined people to build global businesses from scratch.


Quit your job, start having a bigger impact on the world

Our startup generator program helps you get from 0 to 1 in two phases. The first phase is about team and idea - in this phase you will find your cofounder, develop and validate your business idea. You'll need to be on location for the first phase. It's an intense, but very fun and rewarding ten weeks. After which we invest in some of the companies, who will continue unto our second phase. The next 4 months are about building your MVP and getting traction. In that phase, you can and should be located where it makes most sense for building your company.

Meet your co-founder

We make a big effort in selecting a diverse group of people for our programs from technologists, to experienced operators and second time founders. This allows you to find the right co-founder with a complementary skill set and different experiences from your own.

Grow your network

An intro from the right person can make all the difference. We connect you with door-openers, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Get funding

All participants get an individual grant during the first phase of the program to enable them to focus full-time on building their products. Select teams get a pre-seed investment from Antler and continued support during the second phase of the program.

Antler’s six-month program provides founders with funding from day one, access to a global network of advisors, and a clear path to raising capital. You’ll find the right co-founder, have your ideas validated, and grow your startup to a point that normally take years to achieve. Throughout the program we offer office space, a personal mentor from our team as well as presentations with external speakers and connection to our global network. At Antler we identify great people and help them succeed in founding and scaling great companies.

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Description of Ideal Candidate

We welcome the best aspiring entrepreneurs from very diverse professional and geographical backgrounds. Our founders are tech, business and research professionals who can sell or build a product: software engineering, business development and strategy, but also e.g., data scientists, PhDs in different fields.

In each program we typically have around 30 different nationalities. On average, the founders have worked for nine years before starting their journey at Antler. In the selection process, we look for an inner drive, a clear spike, and grit.

  • Inner drive - You're a self-starter and can motivate yourself and others to join your mission. You set high goals and have proven an ability to achieve them.
  • Spike - That strong attribute which enables your skills and experiences to stand out from the crowd. You have deep knowledge in an area where you can form a foundation of your company's competitive advantage.
  • Grit - Your source of energy never runs low. You always find a window when the door closes. You have the willingness and ability to keep going when you're faced with obstacles.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants

What you get

  • Founders get a grant for the first phase of the program.
  • We also invest AU $100,000 for a 10% equity stake in each company selected by our investment committee.
  • We then organise a Demo Day where your business will have the opportunity to pitch to up to 500 external investors for your seed funding round.
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