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Moving additive manufacturing from advanced capability to production capacity.


Just a few years ago, additive manufacturing (AM) was purely associated with rapid prototyping, research projects, and advanced engineering teams. Now many organizations are looking to AM as a production solution.

Altair provides software that goes beyond the creation of unique prototypes and provides a robust simulation toolchain to support production designs. This Startup Program offers you a way to move additive manufacturing from advanced capability to production capacity technology.

To grow your business faster & save substantial prototyping costs, Altair provides simulation-driven software for design, data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions. Join the program & streamline the design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) process with these robust and accessible design & simulation tools!

Participating startups get up to 80% discount for Altair’s simulation-driven design software solutions and 16 hours of free expert consulting on top.

What's the aim of the Altair Startup Program?

The Altair Startup Program caters to the needs of high-tech startups, spanning product development, high-performance computing, and data analytics.

Participating startups get up to 80% discount for Altair's simulation-driven design software solutions and 16 hours of free expert consulting on top.

Altair is offering you a way to grow your business faster using simulation-driven design software. This software is also used by industry giants such as Ford, Airbus & Samsung.

Depending on your specific needs, Altair offers specialized software to help you:

  • Take additive manufacturing to production
  • Print right the first time
  • Design optimal parts
  • Assess design feasibility early in the development process
  • Save substantial prototyping costs
  • Accelerate product development
  • Reduce the risk of product failure
  • Scale-up to market leadership

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Who can apply for the Altair Startup Program?

You are eligible to apply to the Altair Startup Program if:

  • Your startup is a privately held business
  • Your startup has revenue of less than $10 million per year
  • Your startup was founded less than 4 years ago

If your startup meets these requirements, apply now!

Which startups can apply?

Any additive manufacturing & high tech startup that meets the aforementioned requirements and is developing a physical product is welcome to apply.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

Why Apply?

Recent developments of simulation software technologies are consolidating the decision making for products into a single environment. This enables design and manufacturing engineers to assess and benchmark designs for different manufacturing processes efficiently, increasing the level of confidence in the selected method.

More precisely, joining the Altair Startup Program has many benefits, among which are:

  • Take AM To Production: Identify high value parts & business cases, where Additive Manufacturing offers a considerable alternative to conventional manufacturing.
  • Print Right The First Time: Quickly understand possible defects before printing. Effectively influence changes to product design and process all in a single environment.
  • Design Optimal Parts: Create best performance designs specific to any Additive Manufacturing process with the least amount of post-processing and expensive trial and error.

Is this an accelerator program?

The Altair Startup Program is not an accelerator program.

Altair is offering startups a way to grow their businesses faster using simulation-driven software. This software is used by industry giants such as Ford, Airbus and Samsung.

Altair offers solutions catered to your growing needs enabling innovation, reduced development times, and lowering costs through the entire product lifecycle from concept design to in-service operation.

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