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  • United States of America
Austin, Texas


We're looking for the crazy ones that are going to change the world. Newchip is a global virtual startup accelerator with the goal of providing world-changing early-stage startups with the tools, skills, and mentorship, and networks necessary to successfully raise, build and scale their businesses to eventual acquisition.


About Our Fellowships

We offer 1-year Fellowships with a preference for exited startup founders and/or top-tier MBA candidates with startup and/or venture capital experience. After completion of the 1-year fellowship, the top fellows are offered full-time roles: leading new company and fund initiatives, managing the portfolio, working in our advisory division, or heading up new ventures/startups.

Due to application volume, we only interview and hire the top percentile of candidates. You must also be able to devote a minimum of 20 hours per week while in school and the role is full-time for graduates (startup founders may choose PT or FT).

Positions are available on-site in Austin, TX, and remote. Note that this fellowship is part of the Newchip Accelerator if you'd like to apply to intern at our startup portfolio instead please apply here:

If you do not meet the requirements above, please apply for our internship instead here:

Role Overview:

The area of responsibility for this role is very wide and thus requires thorough knowledge and most importantly a passion to learn and be involved in various startup processes from both a strategic and execution standpoint. To be successful in this role, you should have more than a basic knowledge of the startup/entrepreneurship scene, finance, software, and technology.

At a core, you will be responsible for nurturing companies through the accelerator process, completing due diligence, and assisting Newchip and its partners in selecting companies for our portfolio as well as running operations of panels, expert workshops, and other live content/programming as part of our conferences, summits, or daily accelerator schedule.

Your first 30 days will be a training course through our accelerator given the primary responsibility of this role is to facilitate and lead a group of startups through our accelerator program. You'll both facilitate conversation and discussions about the program alongside other issues facing the startups with the goal being to help them internalize what they are learning.

During the fellowship, depending on your background you may be offered responsibilities or projects within other departments, or even in one of our incubated companies and/or investments. So it's important to know from day one, you will work on cross-functional and departmental projects learning skills from operations, advisory, marketing, investment, and finance.

This fellowship will propel your career forward by giving you exposure and real responsibility to make an impact on a growing team as well as prepare you to be a Venture Associate at our firm or others. Prior fellows have spent time supporting portfolio companies by assisting with financial models, pitch presentations, and even been offered jobs at our startups.

Note- that a video cover letter via Vimeo or Youtube is preferred over a paper cover letter in the application process.

Fellowship Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for the success of a cohort. One of your biggest challenges will be how to operationalize our transfer of knowledge and facilitate knowledge-share to and from the program to our time-strapped founders.
  • You will assist organize meaningful events for our portfolio during the accelerator process, ultimately bringing industry leaders together to share what they know with our community via livestreams, events, and webinars.
  • You will assist out on other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the Newchip accelerator and fund, some of which we don't know about yet, and some of which you will assist to define.

Career Trajectory > Program/Portfolio Manager

At the completion of the 1-year Fellowship, you may be offered a role within our company/companies, however, the standard route is to be offered a role as a Program/Portfolio Manager. This role is responsible for managing a number of portfolio companies during the accelerator program:

  • They advise our portfolio companies to meet the challenges of scaling their businesses by assisting them source relevant networks of executives for hire, partners/service providers, as well as investors.
  • They identify, research, and assist the investment team in early identification and selecting our portfolio of companies based on their experiences during the accelerator program.
  • They perform due diligence research on potential portfolio companies, design and execute marketing and biz-dev plans, attend business-related events and conferences, and observe applicant company pitches.

About us

  • We're a veteran founding team with decades of experience, numerous acquisitions under our belts, and we're looking for the next member of our team that meets both our core values and has the experience to add complimentary experience.
  • We've funded over $300M into companies and are looking for entrepreneurial-oriented individuals who are in it for the long-haul to truly assist startups to drive results that create investment returns to our investors and investor partner network.
  • If you're looking to make a difference, we're here to provide the mentorship, leadership, and long-term growth potential to make that dream a reality - if you're here looking for a 9-5, our company isn't for you.

Mission Statement: We drive results and set the standard for entrepreneurs and investors everywhere.

That being said, we're a 100% meritocracy so before we move forward ask yourself if you fit our core company values:

  1. Personal Integrity - We take ownership of our responsibilities and do what we say we will do no matter what.
  2. Humble & Coachable - We have respect for authority and experience, but also a hunger for constant feedback.
  3. Self Motivation - We strive to learn, grow, and constantly improve ourselves so that we can contribute to the team.
  4. Gritty Resolve - We face down all adversity, we take all criticism, and we get knocked down, but we always get back up.
  5. Passionately Ambitious - We put everything into our work because accomplishing the team goal, equals personal success.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

About you…

  • You have experience with startups and venture capital
  • You have a passion for startups and world-changing technologies
  • You are analytical and can do independent research
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You are outgoing and can talk to just about anyone


  • A bachelor's degree in finance, business administration, economics, accounting, and an MBA (graduated or graduating in the next 12-24 months) - we review holistically so if a past startup founder or in VC, no formal education is required.
  • Ambitious and flexible, prepared to frequently step out of your comfort zone, work hard to deliver the team’s goals, and have a desire to create a positive, happy work environment.
  • A strong drive and the ability to self-direct, especially on multiple projects at any one time. Our work and time is open-ended by nature and you must be able to identify and execute on opportunities to contribute to the team with little, if any, management or direction
  • Personable, engaging, and able to build relationships quickly and easily.
  • Able to research, assimilate and communicate complex ideas clearly and succinctly in writing and verbally. You will see the big picture, and you’ll sweat the tiniest details.
  • A leader, and are able to initiate change with an ability to listen, counsel, and coach.
  • Have had exposure to the technology industry within a startup, leading technology company, or consultancy.
  • Have an outstanding network in the US startup scene.
  • Graduated from a leading university with an excellent academic record.
  • Underwrite and evaluate investments based on risk and return fundamentals
  • Assist with deal structuring and the evaluation of term sheets
  • Prepare discounted cash flow analyses, competitive market analyses, and development model analyses for current and pipeline opportunities
  • Join meetings with current and pipeline company management teams and co-investors
  • Assist in the preparation of pitch decks for companies
  • Limitless curiosity about business models, competitive dynamics, and innovation
  • An interest in diving deep in more than one investment category, gaining exposure to companies across the financial technology landscape including cryptocurrency, trading platforms, data businesses, and technology companies.
  • Passion for high-quality work and the ability to relentlessly pursue continuous improvement
  • Interest in pursuing personal and professional growth by learning new principles
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office — specifically PowerPoint and Excel
  • Have been an assistant or played a support role at a previous organization
  • Passionate about working in the Austin startup scene and ensure companies succeed.
  • Organized and plan ahead, but you don’t get stressed out when things change at the last minute. Because they will. You roll with it.
  • Write things down. You document your process and maintain records so that if you got hit by a bus we we’ll be very sad but still able to continue operating.
  • Are professional and presentable and greet everyone cheerfully.
  • Have a reliable laptop computer and smartphone.
  • Are security-aware. You have a passcode on your computer and phone and use a password manager.
  • Comfortable with the Google Apps suite of products. You’re eager to learn about new tools and ways to be more productive.
  • Get to Inbox Zero every day.
  • Don’t gossip and have discretion.
  • Have a cover letter and resume that demonstrates strong attention to detail and appreciation for a polished product.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Starting pay of $25-$30 per hour, depending on your level of experience up to 20 hours per wk
  • Potential for full time hire with industry competitive salary, benefits, carry, and equity stock options
  • Opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a revolutionary space working with hundreds of startups
  • Market leader in compensation to include: salary, performance incentives, and equity/stock options
  • Organizational remote team culture with team flown in quarterly to meet up at our HQ in Austin, Texas
  • Comprehensive team Medical, Insurance, Dental, Vision, Disability, and 401k Program Benefits
  • Leader in PTO: 14 Days Vacation, 10 Company Holidays Per Year, 4 Days Medical Leave, & Election Day
  • Monthly planned company, departmental, and team outings to build team culture and engage community
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