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Are you interested in becoming a sales and marketing star – one of the rarest and well-paid jobs today? This is the opportunity for you!


HeySuccess is expanding our network of local Campus Leaders who are representing us at campuses and cities around the world. Our Campus Leaders are exceptional young people, interested in building their future as well as helping their fellow students to find opportunities abroad and, more importantly, to find their way in a highly competitive world.

You will not only be a messanger of the world of unlimited opportunities, but someone who is learning skills that are sought after in the real world, even before you graduate.

Here are some of skills you will be working on during our cooperation:

1) Sales

HeySuccess is looking to expand its sales network around the world. One of our main revenue streams is sales of individual and bundled premium vouchers to students, universities, youth organizations, and government bodies. Concretely these are the three main group of our customers:

-Individual students (aged 17-29) who want to start building their career as soon as possible during their studies. Learn more about all benefits of the HeySuccess Premium account here.

-Universities, organizations, municipalities, governments etc. can purchase Premium vouchers to give to college students. You can find more info about our product, success stories, and sales process, here.

-Individuals (celebrities, politicians, anyone else) can also purchase Premium vouchers as a way to invest in young people in their community or university. You can find more info about that sales stream, here.

2) Marketing

As a HeySuccess Campus Leader, you will be actively learning and using skills like: social media marketing, direct response marketing, copywriting, content writing, paid advertisement..

Additionally, with our support, including online webinars with experts, you will be working on developing and mastering these skills as well:

Public speaking – Overcome that dreadful feeling of talking to strangers.
Event management – Learn how to organize and run successful events and presentations.
International experience – By working with other great young people from over 80 countries, you will get international experience without leaving your campus.
...and many more skills, including the art of negotiation, project management, and time management.

This is our most exclusive program and we are looking forward to working with motivated young people from all over the world.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Are you ready to join our global network of HeySuccess Campus Leaders? Here is what we’re looking for:
We would be happy to work with anyone who is positive and willing to explore a career in sales and marketing. We do not care about your age, location, or previous sales experience. The only important criterion is that you want to go out and meet people as you are developing great sales skills. Remember: great sales people are very rare, but they are some of the most well-paid professions in the world, salaries and bonuses surpassing $500,000 a year.

It would be a plus if you have relevant contacts in:

  • Universities (e.g. career centres, deans and administration, student organizations)
  • Youth organizations
  • Government: anyone who you think could invest in young people by providing them Premium access to HeySuccess (e.g. ministries of education, youth or culture offices, municipalities)
  • Individuals who are interested in investing in young people (and getting some global PR from it) 
  • Relevant media, facebook groups and blogs
  • Well connected with your fellow students

How to apply, and what to expect:

  • Please fill-in this simple form;
  • After you have submitted your answers on the form, wait for an email from us within the next 10 working days.
  • Every 2 weeks, we organize an online induction day. During that initial sales training, we will provide you with all of the info that you need to jumpstart our new local HeySuccess chapter.
  • We will be following your progress and evaluating you during our bi weekly and monthly meetings.
  • For each sale you make, you will be paid 20% of that sale directly to your bank account. For additional purchases by that customer, you will receive additional sales commissions.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:


  • Commission-based payment. You will not be only learning the most sought after skill, you will be paid for your results. For example, for selling 10 Premium vouchers, you will be paid $80. If you sell bundle of Premium vouchers, for example 100 Premium vouchers, you will be paid $800. Then further, if that buyer orders 500 more Premium vouchers within a year, you will receive an additional commission of $2000.
  • Skills building. Sales and marketing skills are among the most sought-after and highest paid skills in many markets. By building yourself into a global sales star, you will be amazed by how much more confident you will become. Sales skills aren’t just about selling; they include presentation skills, negotiation skills, organizational skills, and time management.
  • Recommendation letter: you will receive a special Recommendation Letter signed by CEO Milenko Pilic and signed/stamped by our company. This is not a generic recommendation letter. We make sure that we address everyone's skills and contributions in a personalized manner. So that piece of paper, paired with the irreplaceable experience from HeySuccess, has changed the lives of dozens of interns from previous seasons. Many of them received amazing job offers, had travel opportunities, were accepted to competitive educational programs, and were accepted to other internships. This internship season's recommendation letters will be even more powerful because they will talk about you having the most rare and sought after skills in a job market: sales and marketing.
  • Be a part of an international company and work with extraordinary people from all over the world.
  • Work in the most diverse environment. This is going to be a very impactful global experience everything from a comfort of your home and without a need to travel abroad or pause your studies

If you are ready for this journey, start it now, here!

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