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  • Netherlands
Willemsplein 2 5211 AK 's-Hertogenbosch


Broadview is a holding company that pursues long-term growth and value creation through active support of its operating companies and efficient capital allocation. Our aim is to support our companies in their development to become and stay the reference in their industry. So that they are still relevant decades from now. We believe this approach benefits all stakeholders, from our employees to our shareholders and from our suppliers to our clients. The International Trainee Programme is our way of investing in young talents who have just graduated from university while developing future leaders for the companies in our business portfolio.


During 18 months, you will work on two or three challenging projects in different companies within the group. If you strive to get the most out of yourself and to make an impact in an international environment, this is a powerful start to your career. The next step after the traineeship is to enter into a specific career track.

The programme offers:

  • A solid analytical basis and broad understanding of a variety of disciplines (strategy, marketing, finance, commerce, supply chain, R&D, sustainability), industries and countries.

  • Working side by side with CEO’s and other senior management so that you play an integral part in the strategic challenges and the growth of our companies.
    You will be involved in topics that have the focus of senior management and cooperation will be close. Feedback is key: the frequency is high and this gives you a real structure for Self-development and allows you to get the most out of yourself.

  • Continued personal mentoring and several days of training in the Netherlands, to ensure a steep learning curve related to both personal and professional development.
    You will be trained during four two-day training sessions, in both content-related skills, for example problem solving, analysis, project management and stakeholder management and in personal skills, such as communication and presentation skills, time management and personal leadership. One of the HR directors in the group will be your go-to person on personal development topics.

  • Access to an international network of ambitious young talent.
    You will be part of a group of other young and talented people with a similar mindset. This cross-company network will assist you when you secure a permanent position on completion of the trainee programme.

  • Excellent career opportunities on successful completion of the trainee programme.
    Our aim is to ensure that every single trainee who performs well embarks on a long-term career path within the group.


We offer four different development tracks, focusing on business analytics, technology & innovation, manufacturing and sustainability. In all four, your contribution really matters, interaction with senior management is substantial and a strong analytical approach is required.
A ‘mixed track’ is also a possibility. If your educational background matches two tracks – for example the Manufacturing and Business Analytics track – you could potentially do a project in both tracks.

  • Business Analytics - A clear analysis is worth nothing without a detailed understanding of how a business works in the real world and vice-versa. We are convinced that the combination of these elements will give you a significant head start inyour career.
  • Technology & Innovation - Innovation is at the core of the close cooperation between our companies to ensure their relevance, both now and decades in the future. This requires substantial investment in the ongoing development of R&D capabilities.
  • Manufacturing - Ensuring continuous improvement in operations requires a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes, organisational skills and analytical horsepower to manage strategic projects.
  • Sustainability - Current business practices consume the Earth’s resources in a manner that cannot be sustained indefinitely. It is therefore necessary to develop sustainable business models that foster future success.

About us

Broadview pursues a decentralized management approach whereby the operating companies are managed by separate management teams within the scope of their statutory or delegated powers.

We strive for a culture that stimulates people to learn, have an impact and get the most out of themselves, while jointly aiming to do what is in the best long-term interest of the company. This requires good cooperation and a relationship of trust. Political behaviour is not appreciated. Being open and honest is. We all make mistakes and there is value in understanding why they happen and what we can learn from them. The guiding principle is ‘company first’: if we do what is good for the company, we do what is good for all.

Gaining a leading position requires a good strategy, but also the drive to excel and the discipline to work on seemingly small steps in the right direction. Based on experience, a business system has come into existence, with the purpose to provide a good balance between strategy and execution. We work closely with our companies along the lines of this business system that aims to ensure coordinated progress on each of the four underlying objectives:

  • Control non-business risk - A long-term perspective requires safeguarding continuity. Safety, sustainability and compliance are priorities, but also financial reporting, cyber security and business planning have our full attention. We call this our license to operate.
  • Grow the business - Our aim is to gain and maintain leading positions in chosen markets. Consistent volume growth requires repeatable commercial success. Our objective is that this success is a controlled result, which requires a solid understanding of markets and customer needs. We continuously strive for relevant propositions and an effective and efficient sales force in all markets.
  • Maximize contribution of sales growth - A sustainable business model requires a keen eye on costs and investments to ensure that sales growth is adequately converted into financial benefits. Operating leverage and cash conversion are key parameters in this context.
  • Ensure that we have the right people on our team - To deliver the best performance we rely on our people. This means that we need to have the right people in the right place, now and in the future. We achieve this by investing in talent development, by planning for succession and also by ensuring that employees are aware of and aligned to the strategy and understand what contribution is expected from them.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Who the programme is for?

  • A specific mindset
    We are looking for trainees with a specific mindset. Do you recognise yourself in the following description? If so, you may be one of our future trainees:
    • A systematic and analytical thinker
    • A quick learner who is self-reflective and open to feedback
    • A strong communicator
    • Determined, disciplined and persistent
    • Structured, precise and detailed
    • Curious and pro-active
  • A master’s degree
    To participate in our programme, you require a master’s degree. The most relevant study backgrounds are technology and business focused. However we are open to other directions in combination with relevant internship experience. Especially chemistry, material technology, chemical, mechanical, industrial and process engineering and sustainability-related graduates are encouraged to apply.
  • Previous experience abroad
    As you will be relocated during the programme, previous experience of living abroad indicates that you will be able to adjust to living in another country during the programme.
  • Full command of English
    It is essential that you have a good command of both spoken and written English. Ability in other European languages is also considered to be an asset.
  • A valid EU working permit
    Applications from candidates without this permit will be considered, but hiring is subject to approval of immigration services and rotation within the group could be limited.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants:

A competitive salary including housing while on the programme.

  • Trainees receive a contract for 18 months with a competitive salary. Housing and flights will be provided whenever needed in the context of the projects.
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