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As part of its "Zero Carbon Transition" strategy, which is designed to support its corporate customers, ENGIE is joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) to find a solution to collect and analyze public data about businesses.


As part of its "Zero Carbon Transition" strategy, which is particularly focused on advising and supporting its corporate customers in their search for greater energy efficiency and solutions regarding their sources of energy, ENGIE wants to find a solution that will:

  • Identify public data about companies that has value for the Zero Carbon consulting activity,
  • Extract, clean and classify this data to make it usable,
  • Automatically store this data on the data hub (AWS Cloud)
  • Offer advanced data visualization and analytics products based to the needs of the Business Units,
  • Do data analysis in a recurring, up-to-date way.

The scope includes large companies and global corporations. It covers the entire organizational and legal structure of these companies (subsidiaries, etc.) and anywhere in the world.

The data will be integrated into a data hub that already brings together financial, commercial and technical data about our corporate customers that is either available internally or provided by the customers themselves.

ENGIE has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider for advanced storage, data collection and analysis solutions. The call for projects continues ENGIE's work on data enhancement to better serve its customers and offer increasingly innovative solutions based on the cloud.

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Deadline: July 03, 2019

Cost/funding for participants:

Rewards for selected winner:

  • Help and collaboration from ENGIE experts on a PoC/pilot. In the long term, it will involve potentially integrating the solution into the company’s data platform.
  • AWS will provide the winning startups with all the benefits of the two-year AWS Activate program, including $10,000 worth of AWS credits, technical support, and training credits to help them achieve and accelerate their operations using the cloud.
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