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The Campus Mundi international internship programme provides an opportunity for Hungarian students to contribute to the work of a business or organisation for a few months and gain work experience in an international environment. This internship programme awards financial grants ranging from 645 to 1130 € depending on the living costs of the target country. With the Campus Mundi programme students can travel both in Europe and to more distant destinations.


About the Campus Mundi Programme Campus Mundi is an excellence scholarship programme co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian Government. The aim of the Campus Mundi project is to improve the quality of higher education – focused on employability – to support the mobility of students and to strengthen the international reputation of Hungarian higher educational institutions. Campus Mundi is coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation, coordinator of most of the well known scholarship programmes such as Erasmus+, EEA Grants, CEEPUS, etc. Campus Mundi provides scholarships for nearly 9000 Hungarian students between 2016-2021. Students may apply for grants to finance international internships, shortterm study visits and study abr

What is the goal of an international internship? Although not all study tracks require an internship as part of the curriculum, with a highly competitive job market many students understand the importance of gaining relevant work experience during their student years. Supporting international internships Campus Mundi helps young professionals gain hands-on experience within a working environment, become more independent and confident and at the same time, develop their language skills. As a result, a successful internship period will help fresh graduates find easier paths to the job market.

Why offer an internship opportunity? An internship scheme provides mid-career employees an opportunity to reflect on their own professional achievements by tutoring young professionals and by this boost their job satisfaction. At the same time HR recruiters may embrace the idea of launching internship schemes to stay one step ahead of competitors in the talent hunt.

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Who can apply for a Campus Mundi internship? Students engaged in BA, MA, one-tier and PhD studies can equally apply for a 2-5-month-long international internship, designed to fill an intern position with a workload of at least 30 hours a week. Applicants are requested to look for a host organisation by themselves and provide a letter of acceptance as part of their application package.


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