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  • China


We accept and review applications on a rolling basis. But if you are looking to join our next batch, don’t wait! The deadline for Batch 20 ends at 23:59, August 6th, 2021 (GMT+8). 

Chinaccelerator is a mentorship-driven program assisting internet startups from around the world cross borders – from the world into China, and from China to the world. It is operated by the venture fund SOSV, which has $700M+ AUM and operates 5 global accelerators.  Chinaccelerator offers three months of rigorous guidance, training, and resources from mentors, partners, and investors. The robust and active alumni network continues to support startups long after they complete the Chinaccelerator program. 


Twice a year, we handpick 20-30 promising startups and take them to the next level with our 3-month accelerator program in Shanghai. We work intensively to help build their China team, find product market fit, and outline market-specific growth strategies. Near the end of the program, we focus on financial modeling and refining investor pitches in preparation for our capstone Demo Day, where startups present their innovations to a carefully curated, invite-only audience of media, mentors, and investors. After the event, our team gets to work getting you funded, which means not only finding and encouraging investors (including ourselves), but also closing them!

Chinaccelerator doesn’t end on Demo Day. Startups are encouraged to work from the Chinaccelerator offices rent-free until the start of the next program so that they can continue to take advantage of all our resources. We also have a vibrant alumni network who contribute to and share in the resources of the program wherever they go. This culminates at our annual SOSV Skydive event that brings together our 350+ portfolio companies, 600+ mentors, all of our friends and co-investors, and of course the SOSV team from around the world.

Program Timeline

  • ON BOARDING: Get ready to rock from Day 1
  • VALIDATION: Adjust product and market fit through rapid iteration
  • EXPERIMENTATION: User acquisition through AB testing across multiple channels
  • SCALABILITY: Build traction and prepare for demo day and fundraising
  • FUNDRAISING: Continuous support on fundraising and access to an alumni network of 680 startups worldwide



3+3 Months program

The program is divided into 3-month growth phase and 3-month fundraising phase based on the different focuses.

During the growth phase, Chinaccelerator sets up OKRs with startups and have weekly check-ins to discuss company strategy, experiments, and growth tactics. On daily basis, startups interact with mentors, Expert In Residence and Chinaccelerator team. We host Demo Day with 150+ investors before we enter the fundraising phase, when Chinaccelerator actively works with startups on investments from outside investors.


1-1 support from 300 + mentors

With over 300 mentors across China, South East Asia, the US, and Europe, our network has a global reach.comprised of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, and senior corporate heads..During and after the program, our mentors provide valuable insights for startups, ultimately saving them time and money. Chinaccelerator also has 8 Experts-in-Residence (EIRs) that provide deep expertise in key fields: growth hacking, product, team management, strategic positioning, branding, financial modeling, accounting, and fundraising.


We provide free co-working space during the 6-month program at People Squared near Jing’an Temple, the heart of Shanghai. People Squared is one of China’s first and largest co-working space. People Squared has spaces in Shanghai, Beijing, and other cities.


Backed by the most active early-stage investor SOSV, Chinaccelerator has built a strong global startup community. We make it possible for early-stage startups and founders to get the best benefits from a robust, supportive, and worldwide alumni network.


Every startup, past and present, has access to perks valued at $2,160,000. This access is provided through the Global Accelerator Network, SOSV Community, or directly negotiated by the Chinaccelerator team. We also organize weekly workshops.


$150,000 Investment

Our fund SOSV takes 6% common equity for the accelerator program through a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA). At the same time but separately we invest through a convertible instrument called an Accelerator Contract for Equity (ACE) similar to a SAFE. Of this US$100,000, US$45,000 is attributed to the cost of the program and the remaining US$55,000 is cash investment. Most companies will qualify for an additional US $50,000 from Chinaccelerator’s syndicate partner.

*Companies domiciled in the People’s Republic of China may not be eligible for cash investment from Chinaccelerator’s syndicate partner.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


Chinaccelerator focuses on the internet sector, but we are industry agnostic. Our investment areas include but are not limited to, e-commerce, fintech, data marketing, edtech, healthcare, and entertainment. We tend to invest during the Angel/Seed round or Pre-A round, with fewer investments in Series A and later stages. 

We believe in data and real market feedback, so we require a viable product with a certain number of users and clients to apply for our program.  

A big focus of our selection process is the team behind the company. Anyone can find a problem. Other entrepreneurs are probably working on the same solution as you. But not every team has the capability to effectively implement a solution. We expect that founders should respect the importance of the process and not only focus on results. We look for people who will not be discouraged when faced with challenges but perceive them as valuable experiences.

In short, we are looking not only for the best solutions but also for the best entrepreneurs. 


Deadline: August 06, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:


We offer US$150,000 investment and a 3+3 month program to provide you with knowledge, connections and resources you are in need of. 

Your entire team needs to be in Shanghai for the full duration of the program. It’s the best way for our team and mentor network to help you during this critical period of growth, and for you to access all of the advantages that Chinaccelerator provides.

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