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October 01, 2021

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  • United Kingdom


Each year, the Foundation awards up to four Fellowships, to enable holders to study for a PhD in occupational or environmental health at a UK university. Fellowships are normally for three years, but we will consider applications for awards over shorter periods from applicants who have already started a PhD, but do not have full funding from other sources to cover completion of their degree.


The Colt Foundation was established in 1978. We fund high quality research, support students undertake higher degrees at UK universities, and organise and financially support scientific conferences in the occupational health research sector.

The Application Process

Applications should be submitted by prospective students, and not by their supervisors, although it is expected that the supervisor(s) will have had input to ensure that the project can lead to a successful PhD. We do not have an application form, but we ask that applications include:

  • An outline of the proposed research, including the scientific questions that it will address, the data that will be collected, and how they will be analysed to answer the study questions.
  • The applicant’s CV.
  • A detailed letter of support from the proposed supervisor.
  • Contact details of two referees.


Applications should be submitted to the Foundation’s Director, Mrs Tash Heydon by email ( or by post. Fellowships are awarded in competition. After initial short-listing, a subset of applicants is invited to interview in London, on the basis of which, the final selection is made. Information about deadlines for submission of applications and dates of interviews can be found in our Diary of events and deadlines. 

Need More Answers?

For any queries about Colt Foundation Fellowships, please contact Tash Heydon on: 01798 342 831.

Or get in touch by email at:

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Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

In selecting our Fellows, we take into account the academic track record of the applicant, the quality of the research project that will be undertaken, and the environment in which the PhD training will be undertaken, including the commitment of the supervisors. We are most keen to support individuals with potential to become future research leaders in occupational and environmental health.


Deadline: October 01, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

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