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  • United States of America
Inter University Centre (IUC), Dubrovnik


The Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school brings together international experts in the field of raw materials in the heart of the ESEE Region. Within the thematic workshops and project work the focus lies on direct knowledge transfer from renowned experts to the participants, but also the creation of an open dialogue between graduate students, scholars, researchers, the industry and the wider society. Focussing on recent developments within the mining industry and the development of the mining sector, our program aims at transferring newfound, innovative theoretical knowledge, tested in practice, to our participants. The knowledge and skills gained at DIM aim at increasing the employability of mining engineers. Furthermore, wider general education on topics of mining and processing and especially the improvement of mining techniques, resulting in a lower environmental impact, help gain wider societal acceptance of raw material extraction and processing. In the long run, the program will lead to an increase in sustainable mining and processing activities, which will result in economic growth and the creation of employment in respective countries.


The total number of the deposits and geological occurrences increase exponentially with decrease of their size, and most of the mining operations are conducting within small mining sites. World class deposits are usually the largest in its class, containing high ore grade, with prediction of long life production resulting in a lasting impact on the industry usually under low production cost.

How often do we find world class deposits? Between two and four world-class deposits are found each year in the world. Europe overall hosts only several dozens of world class deposits, whereas most of the European deposits are small or intermediate in terms of their size and annual revenue.
DIM ESEE school for the second year continues to explore innovations applicable to small mining sites. This year we are focusing on the beginning of the mining cycle: exploitation and follow up processing. Within exploitation part of the school (2 days) we will explore innovation related to new drilling and blasting methods and innovative use of machines (mechanization). Processing part of the School (2 days) will focus on mineral characterization and supportive innovative techniques.

Under the 2020 topic Small mining sites – Innovation in exploitation and processing DIM ESEE project partners will discuss innovation in exploitation and processing for small and intermediate size deposits, currently representing vast majority of the European and the ESEE mining industry:

  • Innovation in exploitation (Drilling and Blasting)
  • Innovation in exploitation (Mechanization)
  • Innovation in processing (Mineral characterization)
  • Innovation in processing (Techniques)

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


Master and PhD students, Postgraduate, Professionals, Academic Staff.


Deadline: September 30, 2020

Program Starts: October 12, 2020

Program Ends: October 17, 2020

Cost/funding for participants:


Early bird registration until July 1st:

  • RIS ESEE Professionals and Academicians*: 300 euro + VAT 25%
  • Professionals and Academicians: 500 euro + VAT 25%
  • MSc and PhD students: 200 euro + VAT 25%

Registration until September 1st:

  • RIS ESEE Professionals and Academicians*: 350 euro + VAT 25%
  • Professionals and Academicians: 550 euro + VAT 25%
  • MSc and PhD students: 250 euro + VAT 25%

Late registration until September 30th:

  • RIS ESEE Professionals and Academicians*: 400 euro + VAT 25%
  • Professionals and Academicians: 600 euro + VAT 25%
  • MSc and PhD students: 300 euro + VAT 25%

*RIS ESEE countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia

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