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Paris, Berlin, Turin, Warsaw, Madrid, London


ESCP Europe strives to attract the best students, regardless of their financial background. As such, the School offers a selection of financial need and merit-based scholarships. Some 400 are awarded each year, representing a total of €2,300,000.


Master in Management

This two-year, full-time general management Master programme provides the opportunity to study in up to four countries, with options ranging from ESCP Europe's own six European campuses to our 70 partners worldwide. Designed for students with Bachelor degrees (or equivalent) in any field of study (Master programme) or those without who have previously completed at least two years of university education (Pre-Master programme in preparation for the two-year MIM), it features more than 35 specialisations in Finance, International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and many more.

The integrated programme curriculum, taught across our six ESCP Europe campuses, offers the possibility to obtain up to four national degrees in ESCP Europe campus countries (Germany, UK, Spain, France, Italy and Poland) - plus the option of dual degrees with our academic partners across the globe. 

Because we value practical experience as an essential asset, Master in Management graduates leave with a minimum of  40weeks of professional experience. This ensures that you leave the programme with not only a world-class academic qualification, but also the invaluable intercultural practical experience top recruiters are looking for.

In addition to the study-internship structure, we also offer the possibility of following an apprenticeship study track, allowing for systematic structured periods at the School whilst also working in a firm for an extended learning experience.

If you are looking for international exposure, professional experience and a curriculum recognised as one of the best in the world, look no further than ESCP Europe's Master in Management.

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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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ESCP Europe scholarships available to European Union citizens are need-based and finance 25%, 50% or 100% of the first Master year tuition fees.

ESCP Europe Foundation supports the school by funding student scholarships and mobility. They are financial need-based scholarships.

Paid Internships
At the end of the first year of the Master in Management (from May onwards), students will have the possibility of beginning paid internships. From that point on, the financial situation will become increasingly manageable, and students are allowed to take a year off to work.

To graduate, students must do a minimum of 39 weeks of internships. However, many students choose to do longer internships than this required minimum, often taking sandwich years to get a longer professional experience and help finance tuition fees. While the salary offered is quite variable, most students get paid €400 to €1,900 per month during their internships. Please take care to have the appropriate visa for this to be an option in a country other than your own. 


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