Erasmus+ International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM)

January 14, 2022

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Location (s):

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
Heidelberg, Groningen, Uppsala


The Erasmus+ International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) is a two-year, English-taught, master of excellence, focusing on the education of tomorrow's leading translational biomedical researchers. As a graduate you receive your degree from the Top-100 EU universities of Groningen, Heidelberg and Uppsala.


The IMIM mission is to educate this future generation of translational scientists and professionals and to equip them with the skills and competences to excel in a wide range of multi- and interdisciplinary, internationally competitive academic and private sector environments. In addition to the above we are also proud to mention that IMIM is an EIT Healthlabelled Master Programme. 

Jointly Organised

IMIM is jointly organised by three European Top 100 Universities: the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the Heidelberg University in Germany and Uppsala Universitet in Sweden. IMIM students will benefit from the vast wealth of resources and staff experience that these three universities have to offer in the biomedical sciences, as well as from their networks within both the academic and private sectors.         

A Double Degree

IMIM is a double degree programme, meaning that students that have completed the required mobility programmes at the different European partner universities will receive a degree certificate from both these universities. 

International Network

In the IMIM programme, students will follow tailor-made training programmes at at least two of the three European universities and will have the further opportunity to undertake research at one of IMIM’s private sector industry partners. It is also possible to follow an internship with one of our Latin American partners, those being: Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Chile, Universidad de Antioquia in Colombia, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico.


Alongside their courses and research projects, students will also be involved in a Bench to Bedside and Back (BBB)  translational project throughout the four semesters of IMIM, focused on the idea of bringing science to society. This multidisciplinary group project is designed to encourage the growth of students’ business and entreprenuerial skills. On top of this, students will take part in the IMIM Spring Schools and Summer Schools, respectively designed to develop the students' soft skills and business savvy.


In 2015, the International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) was granted funding by the European Commission under its Erasmus+ Programme as a joint master degree programme. The first cohort of students of the IMIM programme started in September 2016. In July 2019, the International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) was granted funding for another four cohorts. 

The Erasmus+ programme aims to enhance the quality of higher education in Europe, to promote the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world and to promote intellectual dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with partner countries. In addition, it contributes to the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of higher education institutions in non-European countries by increasing mobility between the European Union and these countries.

Student Mobility

Mobility is a key feature of the IMIM programme. IMIM students will spend a year studying at each of two of the European partner universities. They are also offered the opportunity to apply for a fourth semester placement to carry out a research project at one of IMIM’s Latin American partner universities or one of IMIM’s private sector or industry partners. Generally speaking, IMIM students will spend their first and third semesters taking courses, and the second and fourth semesters undertaking research projects or research internships.

IMIM Joint events

In addition to this mobility per year, the IMIM cohort will all come together at the three different European universities on several occasions during the two-year programme.



Firstly, the entire cohort will take part in a joint welcoming and introduction event (Kick-off), which will take place over a number of days in Uppsala (Sweden). Following the completion of their first semester, the students will then participate, again as an entire group, in the IMIM Spring School, which focuses on personal development, and which will take place at Heidelberg University (Germany). Before entering their third semester, students will take part in the Industrial Perspectives on Innovative Medicine (IPIM) Summer School, which will take place annually in Groningen (The Netherlands) and focuses on entrepreneurial and business skills. Finally, the cohort will all come together for a joint graduation ceremony on their completion of the four semesters and 120 ECTS.

Mobility Paths

The table below shows the four possible mobility pathways IMIM students can follow during their study programme. Note that at the Heidelberg University you can only follow the first year of IMIM.



In the fourth semester, students may also apply to conduct their final research project at one of the Latin American partner universities, with an industrial partner institution or another institution of their own choosing.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

General admission requirements

IMIM is a multi- and interdisciplinary programme that allows for applicants from many different academic backgrounds to gain access, provided that they have an excellent academic record and a passion for translational biomedical research.

Below, you find a summarized overview of the general IMIM admission requirements. Please note that the available number of places in the programme is limited and that access to the programme is granted on the basis of a ranking of applications (see below).

  • A bachelor degree in one of the following (or closely related) fields: biochemistry; pharmaceutical sciences; biomedical sciences; genetics; molecular biology; biotechnology; medicine; dentistry; or similar.
  • A bachelor (or master) degree at least equivalent to a European undergraduate degree (of 180 ECTS) in terms of general end-level of the qualification as well as academic focus.
  • Proven record of academic/extra-curricular excellence: e.g. GPA; research experience.
  • A bachelor degree which meets the subject specific requirements of the IMIM programme and of the related master programmes of the European partner universities.
  • Strong motivation to pursue a career incorporating translational, biomedical sciences and research.
  • Proven English proficiency in accordance with IMIM admission requirements.


Deadline: January 14, 2022

Cost/funding for participants:

The EMJMD scholarship truly is a full scholarship. It covers:

  • IMIM participation fees
  • A monthly subsistence allowance (€1,000) for the duration of the study programme (24 months)
  • Insurance policy in compliance with minimum reqiurements set by the Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus programme
  • A contribution to student travel and installation costs. Installation costs are meant to cover additional costs such as the visa application procedure, issuing of residence permit, temporary accommodation costs etc. Contribution to travel and installation costs depend on the place of residence (not citizenship) of the scholarship holder:
    • €1,000 per year per scholarship holder resident in a Programme Country for travel costs
    • €2,000 per year for travel costs & €1,000 for installation costs per scholarship holder resident in a Partner Country whose location is situated at less than 4,000 km.* from the IMIM coordinating institution (University of Groningen)
    • €3,000 per year for travel costs & €1,000 for installation costs per scholarship holder resident in a Partner Country whose location is situated at 4,000 km. or more* from the IMIM coordinating institution (University of Groningen)

 *Calculating said distance is done using the Erasmus+ tool dedicated to this purpose. This calculation is leading.

The IMIM programme is governed by the Erasmus+ Programme Guide. This guide and any other official documentation from the European Commission related to EMJMD funding is always leading.

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