Erasmus Mundus - WAVES (Waves, Acoustics, Vibrations, Engineering and Sound) master course

February 15, 2022

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Location (s):

  • France
  • Portugal
  • Spain
Marseille, Coimbra, Valencia


The program WAVES (Waves, Acoustics, Vibrations, Engineering and Sound) is a two-year international Master course fully taught in English, awarding multiple national Master degrees and a Joint Diploma Supplement with the support of the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union. The WAVES curriculum is built as a two-year program, 4 semesters, each validated by 30 ECTS enabling the students to become proficient in the main applications: urban noise, acoustic insulation, structural control, health monitoring, non-destructive testing and nonlinear acoustical systems. These subjects represent the market of Acoustics and the research activities in this field throughout the world.


It aims to provide the students with a wide spectrum of scientific knowledge and skills in Acoustical Engineering, from advanced modeling of wave phenomena to the sustainable development of silent transport systems in urban areas. The graduates will gain an international expertise to tackle the growing challenges that will face tomorrow’s acoustical engineers in industrial and academic contexts. They will contribute to reduce the environmental impact of noise, to enhance the performance of audio and sound equipment systems or to improve structural health monitoring devices. These domains are a source of highly-skilled jobs in a large number of industrial sectors such as transports (aeronautics, automotive and rail), buildings and infrastructures, energy (structural monitoring of nuclear powerplants, windfarms…), audio systems and musical instruments, oceanography and geophysics.


The program WAVES is the first Master degree in Acoustics to be awarded the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program. As such, it aims to attract international students combining high motivation, above-average academic ability, task commitment and creativity in order to benefit from one of the highest quality training in Acoustics and develop the skills needed to successfully integrate industrial groups or scientific research laboratories.

For such a purpose, the program has been designed to propose a tailored blend between classical lecture courses, practical work sessions and more innovative approaches such as flipped classrooms, problem-driven classes and group projects. The students will benefit from the participation from visiting scholars and guest lecturers in addition to the teachers and researchers of the Full Partners.

Finally, associated laboratories and industrial partners will provide a broad offering for internship and job opportunities and, together with the alumni, a large network of contacts at the international scale.




The Erasmus Mundus WAVES program is an integrated master with a mobility scheme designed to take advantage of the complementary expertise and facilities of four internationally-recognized Higher Education Institutions from EU:

Semester 1 hosted by the University of Coimbra (Portugal):

  • oriented towards engineering applications, along with the teaching of fundamentals and methods of acoustics that allows to tackle problems arising in practical common situations;
  • emphasis will be put during this semester on structural dynamics and building acoustics.

Semester 2 hosted by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, campus of Gandia (Spain):

  • strengthening of fundamental knowledge and introduction to a wider range of numerical and experimental methods;
  • the variety of acoustic fields will also be addressed: psycho-acoustics, electro-acoustics, room acoustics, ultrasounds, musical acoustics and underwater acoustics.

Semester 3 jointly hosted by Aix-Marseille University and the Ecole Centrale Marseille (France):

  • devoted to specialization in tomorrow’s acoustical engineering: environmental engineering acoustics, complex media, nonlinear systems, etc...

Semester 4: worldwide!

  • 20 Associated Partners and 21 Industrial Partners all over the world offering internship opportunities to prepare the Master Thesis.



Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Non-European and European students are welcome to apply to the Master WAVES.

Requirements are:

  • A Bachelor (First cycle, 180 ECTS) in Acoustics or related disciplines (mathematics, physics, mechanical, electrical or civil engineering, computer science),
  • English proficiency, because all courses are taught in English.

The applications are examined by the selection board of the consortium.


About 15 two-years EMJMD Scholarships can be obtained during the selection procedure. Eligibility to these scholarships is defined according to the Erasmus Programme. In addition to the information in this page, please refer to the website of the Erasmus Plus Programme Guide for exhaustive description:

  • Students who have previously obtained an EMJMD scholarship or an Erasmus Mundus Master Course/Joint Doctorate scholarship are not eligible to apply for an additional scholarship under the EMJMD action.
  • EMJMD scholarship holders cannot benefit from another EU funded scholarship scheme to follow the same EMJMD course and this for the entire period of the course.
  • EMJMD students scholarships are awarded exclusively for a full-time enrolment in one of the course editions.
  • A minimum of 75% of EMJMD scholarships will be earmarked for candidates from Partner Countries. The students who are residents or have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in any Programme Country will be considered as Programme country students. The 5-years reference period for this 12 months rule is calculated backwards as from the submission deadline of applying for an EMJMD student scholarship.
  • No more than 3 candidates with the same nationality can be awarded an EMJMD scholarship during the same intake.


Deadline: February 15, 2022

Cost/funding for participants:

The amount of the scholarships (monthly allowance + contribution to Travel and Installation) given to the selected students differ from the country of origin of the students:

  • Programme Countries students: Students whose citizenship is one of the Erasmus+ Programme countries (ie Member States of the European Union (EU) and Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey).
  • Partner Countries students: All the students who are not Programme Countries students.

The EMJMD scholarships include student participation costs (including the tuition fees, full insurance coverage and any other mandatory costs related to student participation in the course), a contribution to student travel and installation cost and a subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme:

  • Contribution to subsistence costs: 1 000 EUR per month for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme (24 months maximum). Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to the scholarship holders for the EMJMD periods (study/research/placement/thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence, nor to scholarship holders from a Partner Country for the EMJMD periods exceeding one trimester (i.e. 3 months or the equivalent of 15 ECTS credits) spent in any Partner Country.

Contribution to the travel and installation costs:

  • 1 000€ per year for scholarship holders resident in a Programme Country.
  • or 2 000€ per year for travel costs + 1 000€ for installation costs for scholarship holders resident in a Partner Country whose location is situated at less than 4 000km from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.
  • or 3 000€ per year for travel costs + 1 000€ for installation costs for scholarship holders resident in a Partner Country whose location is situated at more than 4 000km from the EMJMD coordinating HEI.
  • Contribution to the Participation costs: up to 4 500€ per year for scholarship holder if citizen of the Programme Country, or up to 9 000€ per year for scholarship holder if citizen of the Partner Country.

Candidates in the reserve list (not selected for EMJMD scholarships, but selected to participate to the program) will have the possibility to join the Master program as self-funded students and may benefit from other scholarships.

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