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The Mov’in Europe Ambassadors have experienced some sort of mobility and are willing to help undecided foreigners find the right information about their city (e.g. a person living in Cologne helping possible exchange students with tips about Cologne).


We believe that mobility is a lifestyle. Do you?

We know that mobility is a lifestyle. We know that Erasmus changes lives. We know there are so many ways to live, study, and work abroad. We have to make sure other people are informed about the different opportunities and are motivated to take the first step. It is our responsibility as the members of the #ErasmusGeneration.


The Mov’in Europe Ambassadors should be familiar with/able to find information on the following:

  • University situation in their city (e.g. to advise on selection of a faculty);
  • Housing situation in their city (e.g. to advise on services to use to find a flat);
  • Sports situation in their city (e.g. to advise on where to go running);
  • Culture situation in their city (e.g. to advise on which museums are a must-see);

Ambassador’s Charter

The Mov’in Europe Ambassadors are the ones informing, inspiring, and guiding the young people taking their first step. Every Mov’in Europe Ambassadors follows the Ambassador’s Charter:

Mov’in Europe ambassadors commit and agree to:

  • Share their mobility experiences on the respective platforms (website, social media, etc.);
  • Be contacted through the Mov’in Europe website by young people seeking advice regarding mobility in the Ambassador’s city (help about administrative procedures, application, contacts, good tips, etc.);
  • Provide help and advice to young people and students interested in mobility in general;
  • Remain available when possible to share their stories and testimonials with other organisations;
  • Keep an open-eye on local, national and European information regarding mobility opportunities in order to be able to provide relevant information to young people;
  • Share new opportunities and information with other Mov’in Europe Ambassadors to reinforce their impact.

About us

Mov'in Europe is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network started in 2014, running a multi-format campaign promoting various mobility opportunities to young people, students, and young graduates.

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Deadline: As soon as possible

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The Mov’in Europe Ambassadors are promoted on the Mov’in Europe website together with their contact information.

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