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The European Institute for Commercial Communications Education (edcom) is hosting its seventh Annual Bachelor and Master Graduate Competition (formally known as the Thesis Competition). The purpose of this competition is to celebrate and reward the best Bachelor and Master Graduation report, dissertation, thesis or essay produced by students from edcom member schools.


Jury: The jury consists of the edcom Research Committee, which is comprised of 7 academics from across Europe

Please find below an overview of how the competition works:

Launch of competition

15 September 2021 – Launch edcom Graduation Competition

  • edcom students can contact their designated edcom coordinator to express their interest to take part in the competition. A full list of edcom members and their designated coordinators can be found here.
  • Each edcom member is eligible to select one finalist in the Bachelor and one in the Master category. The edcom coordinator selects the best BA and/or MA work and informs the edcom Secretariat of their nomination.
  • Please note that the entry itself doesn’t have to be written in English for students to compete. Only the abstract and the poster should be submitted in English.

Submit abstract

  • 10 November 2021 – Deadline to submit abstract
  • Selected finalists should send an essay-style abstract of the work in English to
  • The essay-style abstract should contain no more than 500 words and focus on the topic and its relevance for the field of commercial communications. The abstract should include the following: hypothesis, research questions, methodology, main findings and suggestions for future research. The name of the author and the school should not be mentioned in the abstract for anonymity purposes.

Judging process

  • Round one
    • 30 November 2021- Announcement of the Longlist
    • The research Committee judges all entries upon two pre-requirements: research and relevance
    • Papers that aren’t relevant to the commercial communications industry or graduation work that don’t include all required elements (overview of the challenge, research questions\hypothesis, methodology, main findings and suggestions for future research) will be disqualified.
    • 26 January 2022 – Announcement finalists
  • Round two
    • Candidates progressing to this finalist stage will have to submit a poster of their graduation work by 8 December 2021. This poster will summarise the main themes, evidence and findings.
    • The poster should include the following:
      • A1 (594 x 841 mm)PDFformat, “landscape” orientation.
      • The poster should be clearly and logically organised, and should concisely explain your research to a wide audience. Ensure text font is legible (font size at least 14).
      • Include text and graphics that explain the research objectives and the importance of the research and findings.
      • Highlight your hypothesis or statement of the problem, methods, results, conclusions and suggestions for future research.
      • Please ensure that you have permission –where necessary –to use all material, including images.
      • An example of previously successful posters can be found here.
      • The name of the author and the school should not be mentioned in the poster for anonymity purposes.
    • The abstract and the poster will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

      • Strong objectives (10%)
      • Clearly developed methodology(20%)
      • Results fitting to the proposed objectives(30%)
      • Conclusions based on the objectives and suggestions for further research (20%)
      • Consistency & coherence (20%)
    • Each entry will be given a score out of 100% and ranked against the other entries. The Research Committee will agree on which entries will proceed to the final round.
    • 9 February 2022 – Announcement shortlisted finalists
  • Round three

    • The final entries will be judged on two criteria: novelty (does the entry offer a new and original insight) and scale(what is the magnitude of the achievement).
    • 23 February 2022 – Announcement winners edcom Graduation Competition

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

You can apply if:  

  • You have written a Bachelor or Master Graduation report, dissertation, thesis or essay
  • You are a student from an edcom member school
  • You have been selected by your academic supervisor to represent your school and you have contacted your edcom coordinator.


Deadline: November 10, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

Rewards: BA and MA winners can each choose between a 400 EUR cash prize or a place at the EACA International Advertising Summer School. The winning schools will be awarded a free seat at the EACA International Advertising Summer School. 

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