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Participate in our 2021. photo contest with your best pictures on the theme "Urban Culture & Basketball".


Basketball is part of urban culture and lifestyle. It is expressed through its public playgrounds. Its players take pride in their style. They embrace values and norms such as freedom, fair play, equality of races and genders. Street and urban fashion as well as music and art trends often have their origin here. They are sisters & brothers with street dancers, skaters, parkour and graffiti artists.

3×3 basketball becomes more popular through its Olympic inclusion. “From the Streets to the Olympics” became the tagline of the movement.

Please send your images that show the rich and diverse culture of basketball in cities around the world.



The forty best photos will be exposed at the House of Basketball, headquarters of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). 


  1. Owen Harvey, Photographer - Owen Harvey is a London based documentary photographer, often focussing on Youth, Subculture and Identity. Owen has worked editorially for organisations such as BBC, Time Inc., Telegraph Magazine, GQ Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Vogue Italia and many more. Alongside this, Harvey's long-term personal work has been exhibited internationally as part of group shows as well as solo exhibitions.
  2. FX Rougeot, Photographer - A native of Rouen, Normandy, Fx Rougeot, 33, is a photo-reporter, focusing particularly on sport and music. Since starting journalism in Rouen in 2002, he has worked for newspapers and magazines in Réunion, Canada, Luxembourg and Guadeloupe. Passionate about basketball, he also writes for the specialized basketball magazine Reverse.
  3. Mirco CUSSIGH, Basketball Historian - Mirco is a former basketball player and was club president for many years. His passion for basketball specifically in the 7th art, gave him the opportunity to become a member of the committee of the International Federation of Sports Cinema and Television. He also participated in several cinema festivals He was part of the jury at the International Film Festival of Hanoi (Vietnam) and even president of the jury at the International Film Festival of Matera (Italy).
  4. Ina, Photographer - Ina, whose real name is Ndeye Fatou Thiam is a young woman born in Dakar, Senegal. In 2011, she joined Africulturban, an association dedicated to hip-hop and urban cultures where she specialized in recording techniques with the Urban Musik studio. Through Africulturban’s “The Hip Hop Akademy”, she benefited from an audiovisual training and participated in 2012 to the Avignon Festival (France). In 2013, Ina starts to focus more on artistic photography under the guidance of Senegalese filmmaker Fatou Kandé Senghor. In collaboration with Swiss journalist Margit Niederhuber, Ina realeased a book on the daily life in Dakar called "NETWORKING IN DAKAR" (February 2016). Ina has participated in group exhibitions in different places including the Henriette Bathily Women's Museum (as part of the Dakar Biennale 2016 and 2018), the Maison Communale de Gorée and the Maurice Gueye Center in Rufisque. As a photographer interested in sports including basketball, she was invited in October 2016 to the Forum on Sport and Culture for Women, organized by the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) in Accra, Ghana. Within Africulturban, Ina also offers photography lessons to young ex-prisoners as part of the Youth Urban Media Academy (YUMA) reintegration project. In addition, she participated in a masterclass organized by Africalia in 2017, bringing together fifteen photographers from different African countries. In 2017, Ina worked with Plan International to cover some of their projects in the Central African Republic such as ‘Child Soldiers’ about unaccompanied minors and schools destroyed during the country’s crisis between 2013 and 2014. In 2017, she represented Senegalese photography in the 8th ‘Jeux de La Francophonie’ organized in Côte d'Ivoire. Finally, Ina has participated in artistic residencies followed by exhibitions, including the International Meetings of the Arts of Saint Louis in 2014, the Marrakech Biennale, in 2016, the Al Haouz festival in Morocco in 2018, the Off of the Gothenburg Biennial in Sweden and an invitation of the Clark Art Center in Canada in 2019.
  5. Jaime Sumugat Singlador, Visual Artist - Jaime Sumugat Singlador is a Civil Engineer by profession who indulges in photography with so much passion. To him, photography is a reflection of life. Although he captures all aspects of life, Jaime prefers to convey optimism through his photography. He is adventurous and gregarious, an advocate of nature conservation, a traveler, a free-spirited and a positive thinker. He maintains a positive outlook on life which manifests beautifully in his masterpieces. A consistent award winning photographer and a three time Presidential Ani ng Dangal (Harvest of Honors) Awardee for Visual Arts (2013, 2015 and 2018) given by the Philippines’ National Commission for Culture and the Arts, he also won the Grand Prize in the ASEAN Secretariat International Photo Competition held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the 3rd IVI (International Vaccine Institute) International Photo Competition in Seoul, South Korea and the First Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Photo Contest.
  6. Andrej Kubik, Photographer

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The competition is open for ALL.


Deadline: June 18, 2021

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  • Photographic equipment valued in 3.000 CHF.
  • Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2021


  • Photographic equipment valued in 1.500 CHF.
  • Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2021


  • Photographic equipment valued in 1.000 CHF.
  • Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2021

4th to 10th

  • Publication in FIBA Photo Book 2021
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