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Undergraduate Master PHD Fellowship & Research


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Fund of Excellence Förderungs GmbH was founded to offer students in the EU, EEA and EFTA financial aid, regardless of their social or financial background. We do not grant loans nor do we charge interest. We take a new and different approach: We invest in your education: tuition, living expenses and one-off expenditures. Because we believe you have the potential to succeed in your career.


In exchange for our support, we ask you to pay us a percentage of your future salary over an agreed period of time once you have graduated. If you earn only little, your payments are small. The amounts payable are thus adjusted to your financial situation and payments must be made only if your gross salary tops €2,000 per month.

We do not grant loans nor do we charge interest. We do not ask for a security, for collateral or a co-signer.

We evaluate your personality and your career potential. Why? Because we are your partner in your endeavour. The risk is ours. If you earn less than expected or have no job – you only pay a small amount or nothing at all.

We want you to focus on your endeavour and start out on a great career.

We invest in your education and your future.

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Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate

If you are planning to do a Bachelor’s (minimum third semester), Master’s or PhD programme, you can apply any time – there is no deadline.

All citizens of the European Union and associated members (EEA und EFTA) are welcome to apply. If you are interested, send For Best Students a non-binding free enquiry. You will receive a career plan (by e-mail) which we will then evaluate along with any additional documents requested. Should the assessment be positive, we will invite you to participate in our online personality assessment.

Once you have successfully completed our online personality assessment, you will be invited to a personal interview. If we are persuaded by your potential, you will receive two investment proposals and we will discuss the details of our funding.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants

What is my financial commitment?

As soon as you find a job after graduation you pay a percentage of your salary over an agreed period of time. After that, your obligation ends regardless of the amount you paid. The percentage and duration depend on the amount we originally invested, on your potential and your employability.

Because the percentage does not change, we are your partner in your endeavour and bear the full risk. This includes any revenue generated through self-employment, commercial activities or other employment. We are entitled to a share only if the gross monthly gross income tops € 2,000.

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