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Through the Student Ambassador Network (SAN), GEMx offers leadership opportunities to students of GEMx Partner Schools. In collaboration with GEMx staff, school faculty, and each other, Student Ambassadors help build awareness about the importance of global exchange, promote the GEMx program at their schools, and make students aware of the many international exchange opportunities available through GEMx


They also provide support to the GEMx Program Managers at their schools and to students taking electives through GEMx at their schools. GEMx Student Ambassadors work with each other and with GEMx staff to discuss challenges, exchange information, and share ideas in an effort to help grow and enhance GEMx, and to help ensure that GEMx is meeting the needs of participating schools and their students.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Ambassadors

GEMx Student Ambassadors agree to serve a term of two academic years. Some of the roles and responsibilities of GEMx Ambassadors include:

  • Increasing awareness about GEMx elective exchange opportunities with students at their schools and with peers from other schools
  • Providing support to the GEMx Program Managers at their schools
  • Serving as a buddy or advisor to students taking electives at their schools by:
    • Connecting with students before they depart on their electives to provide GEMx materials, discuss the electives, and answer any questions the students may have
    • Providing information about the local culture, region, and accommodations, as well as organizing cultural events (hosting dinners, outings, etc.)
    • Providing support and advice as needed to students while they are taking their electives
  • Representing GEMx at school events, such as student orientations or career days, and giving oral presentations on the benefits and opportunities offered through GEMx
  • Reporting on news items, student-led projects, and competitions at their schools to GEMx staff
  • Providing training to succeeding Student Ambassadors
  • Working with other SAN members and GEMx staff to prepare reports on GEMx student exchanges and SAN activities for GEMx Advisory Committee meetings

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Who Should Become a Student Ambassador?

Ambassadors are students of GEMx Partner Schools with a strong commitment to global educational exchange in medicine and other health professions. They are individuals who want to develop their leadership and communication skills, have a strong interest in cultural exchange and international collaboration, have a desire to support their fellow students, and who are willing to help promote the GEMx program. Student Ambassadors must have completed at least one full year of a medical degree program.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

Student Ambassador Benefits

An important goal of the GEMx SAN is to foster personal growth and career development for Student Ambassadors. Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to build leadership skills
  • Opportunity to gain experience in program development
  • Access to international collaborations and new professional connections
  • Opportunity to gain new global and cultural perspectives by working with other SAN members, students participating in electives, and GEMx staff and leadership
  • Support and guidance from GEMx on research projects
  • Letter of recognition from GEMx acknowledging the Ambassador’s leadership role in GEMx and contributions to the program
  • Eligibility, subject to additional requirements, to receive a US$1,000 grant toward an elective exchange through GEMx to help defray travel costs
  • Opportunity to help expand global educational exchange in medicine and the health professions to help meet the needs of an increasingly globalized world
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