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Global Changemakers was created in 2007 with the aim to empower youth to catalyse social change. In its seven year existence it has become a close knit network of 100,000 young social activists. Global Changemakers supported 280 youth-led projects in 128 countries with 200,000 people directly involved and benefiting over 4 million people. Over 900 million people were reached via the media.


Global Changemakers is a Swiss NGO with its headquarters in Zürich. Global Changemakers became an independent organisation in 2014 after a five-year incubation period under the British Council, during which the program was developed and the network built. The goal was and is to encourage and support youth by providing them with skills, contacts, opportunities, and a world-wide community of like-minded people. Global Changemakers are bringing about positive change in many fields, ranging from climate change to poverty and human rights. Changemakers are frequently invited to share their  innovative ideas at high-profile meetings.


Global Changemakers was created in 2007 by the British Council with the aim of empowering youth to catalyse social change. Over the years, it became a close-knit network of 1000 young social activists. Global Changemakers has supported 280 youth-led projects in 128 countries, with 200,000 people directly involved, benefiting over 4 million people. Over 900 million people have been reached via the media. Under the British Council, we partnered with the World Economic Forum, the Nike Foundation, the World Bank, and many others.

The Global Changemakers approach

Global Changemakers believes that in order to get great results you need to have a comprehensive approach to make change happen. Our journey begins with a selection process of the most promising and outstanding youth, whether from a urban community in North America or refugee camps in Africa, our selection process is purely based on merit and the quality of the work these young people are implementing.

After the selection process Changemakers are brought together to one week summits which are designed to get the creative juices flowing. Changemakers get together with a group of like – minded people to discuss issues relevant to them and to come up with new ideas (or further work on their ongoing initiatives) to make things happen. The summits also bring experts in various fields so that the Changemakers are exposed to a range of ideas they can use to improve their work on the ground.

After the summits we support the Changemaker’s projects with funds, tools and networks. Often, the most difficult part of getting an idea of the ground is getting the start up capital to make it happen. Global Changemakers, through partners, has to date funded 280 initiatives world-wide, many of which have resulted in full fledge organizations that are working for the betterment of the world and are providing employment to young people.

Changemakers are encouraged to share what they’ve learned with their local communities by organizing events that build the capacity of local youth to become active in their communities and start their own projects.

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