Global Graduate Programme 2018 Supply Chain & Global Quality (Coloplast)



Location (s):

  • Denmark
Coloplast A/S Holtedam 1-3. DK-3050 Humlebaek


Get on the fast track to a international career in Leadership. Win an interview with Coloplast, Denmark’s leading Medtech company!


Congratulations! The hard part is done - you’ve got your degree and are now ready to make waves in the world. Now, what will next year bring? Check out what Coloplast, Denmark’s leading Medtech company, has in store for you.

Needed: Bold, High-spirited Talent

Coloplast’s mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs by developing products and services that enable them to live the life they want and being secure in who they are, again. We seek to understand our users, to better anticipate and advocate for their needs. With offices in 42 countries around the world, we are a truly international company.

Join the Global Career Challenge at Coloplast and you could be part of Global Operations. We promise you a thrilling ride. We have positions in Global Quality and Supply Chain where you will work with international stakeholders internally and externally and learn project management, the Coloplast way.

The Graduate Programme: Designed to give you a strong foundation for future global leadership roles

The Coloplast Global Graduate Programme is a highly-competitive, three-year programme designed to kick-start your career. Selective spots spread worldwide are available annually and, if selected, you will hold two intensive 18-month rotations between your home base and the Coloplast headquarters in Denmark, giving you the chance to develop your skills in real jobs across different business areas.

Love working at a strategic, tactical and operational level with highly skilled and motivated people? Great! Read more about what you can look forward to here.

Make a Difference

As an industry leader, the Coloplast team are defined by a core set of values, both as individuals and as a company: closeness, passion, and respect & responsibility. Here’s a peek into one of Coloplast’s many divisions and how big an effect the company has for our users.

Joining the Coloplast Global Graduate Programme is your chance to make an impact too. The best results are never achieved alone. Join the Coloplast Global Graduate Programme to get where you want to be. Complete the challenge and win that interview.


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Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:


Deadline: January 07, 2018

Cost/funding for participants:

Joining the Coloplast Global Graduate Programme also means you will enjoy:

  • A thorough onboarding process
  • Holding real jobs- in two different countries- 18 months each
  • Receiving twice- yearly in depth reviews
  • Receiving a competitively benchmarked salary and benefits
  • Receiving housing, tax and relocation assistance on your international job assignment
  • Having in-person graduation development seminars where we will gather all global graduations for skill-building and networking
  • Having access to a global graduate network
  • Having an executive mentor to support your understanding of great leadership at Coloplast
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