Google Summer of Code

April 13, 2021

Opportunity begins:

Jun 07, 2021

Opportunity ends:

Aug 16, 2021

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Location (s):

  • United States of America
  • Worldwide


Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on introducing students to open source software development. Students work on a 10 week programming project with an open source organization during their break from a post secondary academic program.

Since its inception in 2005, the program has brought together 16,000+ student participants and 13,000 mentors from over 118 countries worldwide. Google Summer of Code has produced 38,000,000+ lines of code for 715 open source organizations.


As a part of Google Summer of Code, student participants are paired with a mentor from the participating organizations, gaining exposure to real-world software development and techniques. Students have the opportunity to spend the break between their school semesters earning a stipend while working in areas related to their interests.

In turn, the participating organizations are able to identify and bring in new developers who implement new features and hopefully continue to contribute to open source even after the program is over. Most importantly, more code is created and released for the use and benefit of all.

How does the program work? - University Students 

Spend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning a stipend! Accepted students work with a mentor and become a part of the open source community. Many become lifetime open source developers!

Google Summer of Code is open to university students, age 18 and older in most countries.

Students contact the mentor organizations they want to work with and write up a project proposal for the summer. If accepted, students spend a month integrating with their organizations prior to the start of coding. Students then have three months to code, meeting the deadlines agreed upon with their mentors.



Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

What are the eligibility requirements for participation?

  • Must be at least 18 years old at time of registration.
  • Must be enrolled in or accepted into an accredited institution including (but not necessarily limited to) colleges, universities, masters programs, PhD programs and undergraduate programs as of the GSoC Student Acceptance Date.
  • Must be eligible to work in their country of residence during duration of program.
  • Must be a resident of a country not currently embargoed by the United States.


Deadline: April 13, 2021

Program Starts: June 07, 2021

Program Ends: August 16, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:

  • You are expected to spend around 30+ hours a week working on your project during the 3 month coding period. If you already have an internship, another summer job, or plan to be gone on vacation for more than a week during that time, GSoC is not the right program for you this year.
  • Stipends for Students are at Google's sole discretion, and are adjusted to cost of living based generally on the country in which the student attends university. Students attending accredited online universities will be deemed as attending that university from their home address, irrespective of the address of that university.
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