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The International Peace Bureau is a big international coalition of likeminded organizations but we are only a very limited number of people working full time at the office. To organize conferences, plan actions and promote our message, we rely on volunteers.
We are happy to say that we have a group of very committed people who help us on a regular basis.


If you are interested in supporting IPB’s activities, here are some options:

  • ORGANIZE AN EVENT: You could organize sponsored or benefit events, such as walks, concerts, exhibitions, auctions, or artistic events. The IPB organizes a series of events on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending taking place in April each year. GDAMS is an ideal opportunity for your organization to raise awareness on disarmament issues and promote IPB. You could also put on a lecture or peace event in the name of IPB, charging a fee for participation. You could assist us in organizing conferences, seminars, and other events, ask your local library to order IPB publications and distribute IPB literature.
  • SIGN ON TO OUR APPEALS: The IPB publishes quite regularly appeals or open letters to decision-makers. If you want to help strengthen our voice, please endorse them and donate your signature. 
  • TRANSLATE DOCUMENTS: Translate IPB materials into Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. Translations into other languages are also welcome!
  • SHARE NEWS FROM YOUR COUNTRY: At IPB we always love to hear about news related to military spending, government budgets, research on local disarmament issues, progress in sustainable development etc. We are also very interested to learn about local peace initiatives. Please send your articles, pictures and studies to mailbox@ipb.org.  
  • PASS ON CONTACTS: If you have contacts with trusts, benefactors, or companies, we would appreciate if you could pass them on. As well as with relevant research institutes and like-minded organizations. 
  • COME TO AN IPB CONFERENCE: Join us at one of our conferences. They are ideal opportunities to meet peace activists from all over the world and share ideas for joint action. And it would be a pleasure for us to meet you in person!

Through all these ways, as well as through the internship program we outline here, we hope to build a World Without War.

Who we are

The International Peace Bureau is dedicated to the vision of a World Without War. Our current main programme centres on Disarmament for Sustainable Development and within this, our focus is mainly on the reallocation of military expenditure. We believe that by reducing funding for the military sector, significant amounts of money could be released for social projects, domestically or abroad, which could lead to the fulfillment of real human needs and the protection of the environment. At the same time, we support a range of disarmament campaigns and supply data on the economic dimensions of weapons and conflicts. Our campaigning work on nuclear disarmament began already in the 1980s.

Our 300 member organisations in 70 countries, together with individual members, form a global network, bringing together knowledge and campaigning experience in a common cause. We link experts and advocates working on similar issues in order to build strong civil society movements.

IPB has had Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 1977. We also have associate status with the Department of Public Information.

IPB plays a central role in the Geneva-based NGO Committee for Disarmament, a committee of CONGO, the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC. There are sister committees in New York and Vienna. Together we follow various disarmament negotiations, within and outside the UN.

We are a Nobel Peace Laureate (1910); over the years, 13 of our officers have been recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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