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The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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Inside Out is cross-disciplinary. It is focused on the power of art and 
ideas to change perceptions, attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. It is different for every person and every project.


Think about why you want to be a part of the INSDIE OUT. Is your group action an expression of the unheard voices from your community? What story do you want to tell? Who do you know and have access to? Who are the people you want your project to represent? What do you want the posters to stand for? Try to summarize your goal in a statement that will give your action a larger purpose.


• Find Participants!
Use word-of-mouth, social media, and local bulletins to share your project and find people who want to help, either by having their portrait taken, donating a wall, or contributing to the pasting. 

• Figure out how many portraits you want to take.
This depends on how many subjects you have to photograph, how much wall space you have, and how many people are available to help you paste. Note: Some of the most moving actions we have seen have been small, with only a handful of posters. Sometimes less is more! If you want to do a larger pasting, you will need more time, resources, and planning. We will support you either way!

• Find a public location to paste your posters.
From walls to windows to roofs, there are many ways to make your statement. Work with your community to get access to these locations and share your intentions with them. All of the posters we print are vertical portraits, 36x53 in. (90x135 cm). If you cannot gain permission to use a wall, you may paste illegally (if you’re willing to take the risk). Another option that has worked for some groups is to hold the posters (or march with them) in a public space and document the event with photographs.

• Gather portraits from participants.
You can ask people to take their own portraits or find photographers to help take portraits. Portraits do not have to be professional quality, as long as they are over 1MB in size at 100 dpi and capture the subject’s face. Some things that don’t count as faces are: pets, backs of heads, groups of people, and inanimate objects.

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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

The Inside Out team will print your posters & ship them back to you. If you are printing locally, we will send you back prepared files ready for printing.

Your action will appear on the website once all elements are in and approved by our team. We will share your photos on our social media accounts, and try to spread your message further!

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