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Četvrte Viteške Brigade 34-36, Ilidža, Sarajevo


The mission of the Institute for Youth Development KULT is to create and advocate legal and other strategic solutions, as well as to build and strengthen the capacities of associations and governmental authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, for a successful and sustainable youth policy. Our vision is an open society with the empowered citizens who participate in all decision-making processes in public life.


Citizen involvement in social trends

Bearing in mind that all citizens have equal rights and that we live in a society based upon the principles of democracy, it is of great importance for them to be part of all social events, especially of those that concern them. The basic idea of an open civil society is to ask the citizens to identify the needs and the problems they struggle with, enable them to directly or indirectly take part in decision-making processes, give them the opportunity to join the efforts to improve the environment they live in.

Empowering citizens to take civil action

The citizens have to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to become responsible participants in their social lives. To furnish them with such knowledge and skills means to enable them to be not only the observers of changes that are taking place, but to contribute to both the personal and social development, in accordance with their interests and capabilities. In view of the concept of civil society, the role of the non-governmental sector, among other things, is for the most part to enable the citizens to become actively involved.

Young people as the initiators of the democratisation of society

Nowadays, young people form a key component of the population that can and should steer the process of democratisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. They have grasped best assumptions and reasons to improve the surrounding circumstances. To make this possible, they need affirmative legal solutions, strategic orientation of politics and society, as well as structures and capacities that will be available to them for taking their actions. In summary, it is the commitment of decision makers that is important for developing and maintaining a successful and sustainable youth policy.

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