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  • Congo: Democratic Republic
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  • Lebanon
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  • Myanmar
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  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
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London head office and regional offices


International Alert works with people directly affected by conflict to build lasting peace. Together, we believe peace is within our power. We focus on solving the root causes of conflict, bringing together people from across divides. From the grassroots to policy level, we come together to build everyday peace.


Peace is just as much about communities living together, side by side, and resolving their differences without resorting to violence as it is about people signing a treaty or laying down their arms. That is why we believe that we all have a role to play in building a more peaceful future.


Our vision is for a world where people seek to resolve their differences peacefully; a world where, when people seek better lives for their families and communities, they are able to manage any conflicts that may arise with honesty and wisdom, without resorting to violence.


Our mission is to build a more peaceful world by:

  1. Working with people directly affected by conflict to find peaceful solutions
  2. Shaping policies and practices to support peace
  3. Collaborating with all those striving for peace to strengthen our collective voice and impact

What we do

We help people find peaceful solutions to conflict.

We empower local people to build peace by providing them with training, advice and support. We bring together communities divided by conflict to find ways of resolving their differences without violence. And we advise companies, governments and international organisations on how their policies and operations can better support peace.

To do this effectively, we research the root causes of conflict around the world and address key issues that affect lasting peace and stability in high-risk places.

  • Citizen–state relations
  • Community relations
  • Crime, violence and instability
  • Economic development
  • Gender
  • Natural resource management and climate change

We employ over 200 people of 30 nationalities both in our London head office and in the regions where we work. Most are full-time staff, but we also employ consultants, interns and volunteers.

We work in over 25 countries and territories around the world.

Please send your completed form to:

Human Resources

International Alert

346 Clapham Road

London, SW9 9AP

Tel: +44 (0)20 7627 6800


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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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