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December 31, 2021

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Location (s):

  • Netherlands
The Hague


The Office of the Prosecutor investigates and prosecutes genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by nationals of a State Party or on the territory of a State Party on or after 1 July 2002, the date of entry into force of the Rome Statute.


Contract Duration

Interns are required to work full time for a period of six months. Candidates are invited to specify their exact availability iin their application. Internship placements shall not be extended beyond six months.

Organisational Context

The International Cooperation Section (ICS), as one of the two sections belonging to the Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Cooperation Division (JCCD), develops and advices on cooperation strategies and plans for each situation under investigation as a member of the OTP integrated teams; advises and supports the Prosecutor and OTP senior management on issues relating to general cooperation and external relations; channels and coordinates all OTP requests for judicial assistance; maintains a database of cooperation requests for follow-up; negotiates cooperation agreements, as appropriate; develops information-sharing networks with legal practioners and other stakeholders; galvanizes support for arrests; and coordinates all matters relating to diplomatic contacts and external relations.  ICS also coordinates all aspects of the Office’s external relations work, including with the Hague and New York Working Groups and the Assembly of States Parties.

Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent would work either in the area of judicial cooperation or general cooperation / external relations (preference can be noted at the letter of motivation, but is not necessary):

Judicial cooperation:

As a member of the Judicial cooperation team:

  • Assist in preparation of requests for judicial assistance on behalf of integrated teams responsible for investigating and prosecuting cases, in conformity with relevant procedures and standards;
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with requirements of the requested State or relevant organisation;
  • Assist in updating of judicial assistance database to track compliance and enable timely follow-up;
  • Assist integrated teams with incoming requests for assistance;
  • Perform any other duties as required


General cooperation / External Relations:

As a member of the general cooperation / external relations team:

  • Assist in preparation of general cooperation / external relations missions and meetings of the senior members of the Office, including by drafting relevant background information, providing other supporting materials, and assisting in preparation of speeches and talking points;
  • Assist in substantive preparation, participate and take notes in meetings of the ICC external relations Working Group;
  • Assist in substantive preparation, participate and take notes in meetings of the Assembly of States Parties and its subsidiary bodies such as The Hague Working Group and Study Group on Governance;
  • Assist in drafting of reports, papers, and other written documentation for the Assembly of States Parties and its subsidiary bodies;
  • Assist in drafting  various OTP documents and information products;
  • Conduct background / independent  research on topics of relevance for general cooperation / external relations;
  • Perform any other duties as required.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Required Qualifications


All Candidates must have a degree or be in the final stages of their studies at a recognised university. Candidates are expected to have a very good record of academic performance.


Internship placements focus on candidates in the early stages of their professional careers therefore; practical experience is not an essential prerequisite for selection. However, practical experience that is relevant to the work of the Court may be considered an asset.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Able to adapt to multicultural and multilingual working environments.
  • Possesses strong teamwork skills (listens, consults and communicates proactively).
  • Has acquired a good standard of computer skills (including Microsoft Office applications).

Knowledge of Languages:

Proficiency in one of the working languages of the Court, French or English, is required. Working knowledge of the other is desirable. Knowledge of another official language of the Court (Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.


Deadline: December 31, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:


Please note that the ICC is not able to provide all participants in the Internship and Visiting Professional Programme with remuneration, nor is it possible to provide reimbursement for expenses incurred during the internship or visiting professional placement.

Applicants should therefore be able to support themselves for the duration of their internship or placement. 

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